Game-changing “Heads Up” Cutlery Flatware will keep food free from surface germs

Culinary equipment manufacturer Dawoochen has recently released an innovative Premium steel “Heads Up” Kitchen Flatware that assure cutlery pieces with elevated heads to keep them free from surface germs.

Torrance, CA – May 8, 2017 – Rising culinary equipment manufacturer Dawoochen has reportedly established a new standard in food safety with its introduction of innovative “Heads Up” Kitchen Flatware. Armed with a game-changing design, the modern cutlery pieces sport raised heads to free the bites from harmful surface germs. Our meals are going to be a lot safer from now on.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of our breakthrough ‘Heads Up’ cutlery flatware this month. Made with Premium Stainless Steel 18/10, our luxury product set has been innovatively designed with elevated heads to ensure better safety with foods and a healthier family. Thanks to the raised heads, the forks/spoons will never be in contact with surface germs as you rest them on your table. So, every time you lift a fork to pick from the plate, you can be assured of safe germ-free bites. The best thing is that you are going to relish a more hygienic platter from now onwards. Our product is US patented,” stated a leading spokesperson from Dawoochen.

The new concept flatware comes with an elegant sleek design and would make a classy addition to any dining table. The “Heads Up” set is perfect for smart homeowners and also for conscientious restaurant managers always particular about safety of their guests.

Dawoochen has released its inspiring “Heads Up” edition in two sets of 5 pieces and 20 pieces. Both the sets are packed with all the standard cutlery equipments, including salad fork, dinner fork, dinner knife, dinner spoon and teaspoon. While the small set is meant for single living, the larger one would accommodate a full family of 4.

“Unsafe food is harmful as food is something that goes directly into our body. The existing cutlery pieces cannot assure the desired safety as they always come into contact with surface germs whenever we rest them on the table mat. We looked for a better alternative but there was nothing satisfactory. It inspired us to come up with our own innovative design to ensure a safer meal time for all of us. Our innovative product would mean a new elevated standard for your dinner table and also makes a practical gift for your near ones.”

Speaking further, the spokesperson stressed on a breezy ergonomic design with the “Heads Up” flatware to ensure a comfortable grip for the users.

“Our cutlery flatware is always easy to handle thanks to the ergonomic grip. We have backed it with most premium materials and functional design to make life even more convenient for you. And yes, it’s easy to maintain. All our ‘Heads Up’ spoons, knives and forks are dishwasher safe.”

To make your meals safer, order the Dawoochen Head Up Open Box premium steel flatware now from

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