Riding Ideawheel Electric Assist Bicycle, Alter freely and bring more fun

After many years of unremitting efforts, Ideawheel has successfully developed new kinds of electric bikes and introduced them into the market.

Riding Ideawheel citizen e-bike, you will be the spotlight among the crowds. Synthesizing the most performant of Ideawheel technologies, the latest Ideawheel electric moped bike is equipped with the most amazing designing ideas. Therefore, Ideawheel can be hailed as the top of Ideawheel’s technology and design.

Ideawheel believes intelligent tools will extend people’s senses, enhance people’s capabilities, and narrow the gap between dream and reality. Ideawheel electric aided-bicycle is famous for its three different riding modes, including man-powered, power-assisted and electricity-assisted mode; allowing the rider to adapt to any situation. For example, if the users would like to focus on conditioning, they can choose the man-powered mode just like with a traditional bikes. If they want to be energy-saving, they can use the power-assisted mode. The electricity-assisted mode makes riders ride Ideawheel effortlessly, just like an electric scooter.
Idea wheel
Ideawheel city folding electric bike adopts low temperature painting technology. After a ten painting processes, the product appearance is excellent and has a strong corrosion resistance, extending its use life. Light and high performance aluminium alloy frame can bear up to 100Kg load. On the top of it, Ideawheel is equipped with a 235W motor engaging a hub wheel.
Idea wheel
Electrical braking system offers stability and safety. Ideawheel has 16-inch jumbo tyres. Relying on such tyres, Ideawheel is able to adapt to any road condition. It will never be challenged nor in a city or country-side environments.
Idea wheel
Ideawheel APP provides wireless connection between your phone and your Ideawheel electric assisted bike. It will allow you to remotely control it and make more personalized settings. It realizes fault self-diagnosis and speed setting, besides the basic functions like real-time positioning and data checking etc.

Riding Idea wheel citizen e-bike, Alter freely and bring more fun!

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