New Book The Wildcat & Cobra Gains Worldwide Attention

Taanya Sarma makes a grand entrance into the published author realm with a gripping erotic thriller novel entitled “The Wildcat and Cobra.”

With identify theft, human trafficking, sexual exploitation and cyber crimes on the rise, Taanya Sarma’s new book “The Wildcat & Cobra” is gaining worldwide attention – even before its official release date. The book, which will officially release on June 14th 2017, is the first in a trilogy series.

Based on true events, the author beautifully articulates the trials and tribulations of a young, naive woman whose first foray into the online dating scene turns dramatic and traumatic.

Do you want to experience the spectrum of craziness that can unfold while looking for love online? Read this book – and then take a cold shower! You’ll be shocked, excited and enthralled with the twists, turns and sex that takes place in this page-turner.

One reader commented, “Taanya Sarma is a new breed of author who manages to entice her readers and grab their attention on each and every page.” Other readers and critics have remarked how Taanya can really bring the reader into the story, captivating them and making them feel they as if they were actually there witnessing every step of the journey, first-hand.

Everyone wants to be loved, but not everyone is fortunate enough to meet the man or the woman of their dreams in normal, daily life. Millions of people turn to online dating as a fast and more efficient method of connecting with ideal mates, but what happens when the person at the other end of the keyboard is not who they say they are? And what happens if that person is a conman? Navigate the journey of a young, naive woman’s adventures with online dating in the pages of the erotic thriller “The Wildcat & Cobra”.

When asked why she wanted to write this book, Taanya Sarma answered: “I wanted to write a book that illustrates the dangers of online dating in hopes that it may find its way into the hands of a young woman who is on the verge of making a life-altering mistake. And the story had to be real and authentic so that the reader would relate. That’s what enabled and empowered me to be able to tap into some inner emotional baggage that I had been harboring for years.”

Taanya invites and implores readers to take advantage of a free download of the e-book as part of her launch and celebration of excellent initial reviews.

The book will launch on Amazon and other leading book selling platforms on June 14th 2017, but for those who cannot wait and want to see what all the fuss is about, you can read it now, for free.

By visiting the author’s website and reading the Prologue ( you can enter your details and receive a free E-Book.

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