Jalma Mesnick Marcus, Holistic Nurse And Creator Of The Quantum Alignment System Featured In Business Innovators Magazine For Taking Organizational Development To Quantum Form

Jalma Mesnick Marcus, Holistic Nurse and Holistic Practitioner was recently interviewed by Business Innovators Magazine about her Quantum Alignment System which takes organizational development to quantum form. The Quantum Alignment System is a holistic approach integrating Holistic Nursing theories, principles, values and standards with quantum theory, energy and consciousness to help organizations heal.
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Marcus, creator and founder of the Quantum Alignment System expressed: “The Quantum Alignment System is a holistic integrative system that identifies and links a specific combination of both internal and external parts of an organization, that when working in congruent harmony, facilitate a state of aligned action. The aligned action provides an opportunity for the organization to create and heal itself so that healthier integrative relationships can emerge. The results support cultures of resiliency, engagement, flexibility and overall better financial, people and process outcomes. My work with people and organizations is to move them in a direction of their own healing.”

Businesses and organizations today face constant challenges from technology and its continued advancement to how people interrelate among themselves and with others be it staff, employees, customers, colleagues, suppliers, vendors – even communities. Engagement is huge in business today. Higher levels of intense competition and continual survival challenges exist as well. Changes in the industry and advancements are needed.

The unique Quantum Alignment System sets the stage for the future of organizations and appears to be a system that will find itself with global recognition, no doubt, especially among those who dare to think out of the box and who realize that the top-down leadership model no longer works.

When asked about the evident connection between personal healing, alignment, being a holistic nurse, holistic practitioner and their part in the Quantum Alignment System, Marcus shared: “My real passion is healing our fractured siloed organizations. Without viewing the system as a whole, we will continue to rush to solutions that only address symptoms. The Quantum Alignment System helps organizations achieve better levels of health by creating an environment where caring and health can emerge and thrive. By nursing the organization, connecting the people, processes and external environments, we create an opportunity for the organization to heal. It becomes a holistic performance improvement activity like selfcare to the individual. The Quantum Alignment System is a tool that identifies 4 major categories, with even more parts, that can be likened to body systems.” Marcus calls these: “The 4 C’s: Clarity, Connection, Compassion and Credibility.”

Organizations and businesses indeed are complex. Systems that offer a means of helping or improving, in this case, “healing” them by taking into consideration all aspects of the organization/business is not the norm. The Quantum Alignment System addresses people, processes, structures and relationships. Every single organization is unique as to how those parts interact. It’s about interconnecting a variety of different complex interactions, that at a quantum level and with very little effort, create a big result.

During the interview, Marcus informed that: “In 1937, Albert Szent-Gyorgi was given the Nobel Prize in physics for identifying Vitamin C.” He said: “In every culture, in every medical situation and in every tradition before us, health was accomplished by moving energy.”

Marcus continued: “It’s all about congruent harmony working in a state of aligned action.” Confirming, Marcus shared: “that in a report from researchers at the Weizmann Inst of Science, February 26 Issue of Nature (Vol. 391, pp. 871-874), scientifically it has been proven that the mere act of observation affects the experimental findings.”

Addressing a business or organization as a whole does indeed seem to be a model that will offer success in meeting the challenges facing them today. As Marcus concisely explained: “the Quantum Alignment System provides opportunities for organizational success by creating congruent harmony of parts that work together in a state of aligned action.”

Marcus went on to share: “with alignment comes resiliency and with resiliency comes sustainability. Work doesn’t have to be difficult. Life doesn’t have to be difficult, so long as we know where those areas are that we need to align.”

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