Rembrandt 3D and Kenneth Love Films Announce the Opening of their 3DASD “No Glasses” FALLINGWATER IN 3D at The Pittsburgh International Airport.

“The only photograph that can be made of architecture is three-dimensional. In the kind of architecture that I represent, it’s that dimension – that depth – that gives it quality and effect.”
– Frank Lloyd Wright, 1953

PITTSBURGH, PA – 8 May, 2017 – Rembrandt 3D ( is proud to announce the Premier launch of the Kenneth Love film, FALLINGWATER IN 3D at the Fallingwater Exhibit at the Pittsburgh International Airport.  The 3D film is seen without glasses on the Rembrandt 3D 55” LCD auto-stereoscopic, 2K, HD display. (3DASD).  

The Rembrandt 3DASD screen, is mounted on the 22’ x 18’ Fallingwater Exhibit wall, featuring Frank Lloyd Wright’s internationally acclaimed work of art, which is located 90 minutes from the airport.  The American Institute of Architects hails Fallingwater as;  “the best all-time work of American architecture.” 

Rembrandt 3D re-mastered and converted the Ken Love film, with content of never before seen 3D seasonal shots of the house. Frank Lloyd Wright narrates the film through historical audio recording:

’and I wondered how many know the connotation of that word Romantic in connection with architecture? – Romance, it is the flowing of the spirit, the flowing of the soul of man. Now that’s architecture today and what a fight is been to get it as far as it is.”

Julia C. a local Architectural student, was amazed at the richness of the 3d depth in the ‘up the stream shots’, looking at the house from below the waterfall.

“You are given the amazing perspective of being able to view the house in 3D from angles that no visitor is able to get too. These shots give one a completely new appreciation of the magnificent balance between the horizontal and vertical masses of the building. And the fall color shots are simply breathtaking. This belongs in a museum.” 

Kenneth Love, an Emmy award winning filmmaker, had this to say about his film: “Since 1994, I have made 6 films about Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture. The challenge has been how to convey Mr. Wright’s principle of “Organic Architecture” through the moving image.  With the superb guidance of Steve Blumenthal and John Pecora from Rembrandt3D, I’ve achieved this – making a Frank Lloyd Wright film like no other.  Viewers watching it on the NO-GLASSES 3D Rembrandt TV will experience Wright’s architecture through the sense of space and dimension as he intended.” 

The permanent display is centrally located on the lower floor at Baggage Carousel K near door 3.  The Fallingwater exhibit also features a scale model of the House in its natural surroundings.  

As regards the current Fallingwater 3D film, Stephen Blumenthal, Rembrandt 3D C.E.O. said the following;

 “As a marriage of art and science, this is the best 3DASD depth – remastering and conversion we have achieved to date.  The 3D impact is profound as the beauty of Fallingwater is visually inspiring like no other.  We have held true to Wright’s vision and have successfully captured the power of the house imagery in 3D. With this film Ken Love has created a historical archive of the beauty of the house for generations to come.  We are proud to have contributed to this remarkable work of art.”

Ken Love’s film, “Fallingwater in 3D,” is available on the Rembrandt3D 10” 3DASD no glasses Android tablet from the website. For more information, contact:

About Kenneth Love Films International: 

Kenneth Love, based in Pittsburgh PA, has won Emmy awards for his work on the National Geographic Television Specials Serengeti Diary and the Realm of the Alligator. He has received Emmy nominations for his work on Living Treasures of Japan, Egypt: Quest for Eternity, Ballad of the Irish Horse, Chesapeake Borne, Amazon: The Flooded Forest, Bali: Masterpiece of the Gods, and Jane Goodall: Among the Wild Chimpanzees

About Rembrandt 3D Corp: 

R3D is based in Ithaca N.Y. and has developed proprietary, patented 3D tools, “Maestro” which provides unique capability to remaster 2D content into stunning 3D no glasses visuals.  Rembrandt offers a full line of 3D auto stereoscopic, no glasses 3DTV hardware and 3D conversion and remastering production services and technologies.  Rembrandt 3D produces 3DTV packages for digital signage, museums and educational applications. 

For R3D inquires contact Stephen at;  607-327-2645.

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