Introducing Vivhist, Creating 3D Animated Life Stories in Minutes

Everyone has a life story, but a life story is hard to share with someone without a condensed medium like an animated video. Today Vivhist is here to help people share their inspiring life stories with others.

In the modern world, it is easy to feel forgotten or unimportant. But no one’s life is forgotten or unimportant. Everyone has a life story that is both true and powerful, filled with ups and downs and is ultimately intimately personal. For this reason, sharing one’s life story with a family member or friend is almost always a wonderful experience. What’s more is that those who are close to us are often equally enamored by being told about the experiences that made their friend into what he or she is today.

However, life stories span decades of events and experiences, so conveying the details of these stories through casual conversation is no easy task, often taking hours of narration. A medium that would be much better suited for conveying the story of someone’s life would be a video, providing the background and context for each major phase of life without taking minutes to describe small details. Today a product named Vivhist is here to provide just that.

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With Vivhist, anyone can easily create a 3D-animated video that conveys their life story in a way that is both visually appealing and accurate in a matter of minutes. This video can then be sent to friends or family, or can even be created for elderly family members as a wonderful gift. In this way, anyone is able to share the joys of life with Vivhist.

The process begins by adding characters to the animation. To do this, Vivhist has developed a method in which a user can simply take a selfie and Vivhist will automatically generate a corresponding 3D caricature. The person then enters a bit about their passions and life experiences, and the process is almost complete. From there Vivhist’s software develops a smooth plotline for the person’s life incorporating-user uploaded characters to create a relatively accurate depiction of the user’s life story.

However, creating this software is no easy task. To be able to apply the software to any person’s life story, the Vivhist team needs to develop millions of animation assets and life plotlines. To help support this development, the Vivhist team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Through the campaign page, users will receive anything from a Vivhist membership, to having their character as part of the animation assets, to advertising opportunities. With this support, the Vivhist team hopes to help everyone share their life stories and bring joy to families everywhere.

To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page

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