Introducing the Interchanger-System, a Horizontal Elevator to Revolutionize Industry

In the 19th century, the original elevator brought with it massive economic growth and convenience for the common man. Today, the Interchanger-System could do the same to a new and unimaginable magnitude.

Anyone who has been to a city and explored the skyscrapers knows just how important elevators are to making an urban environment possible. Without elevators, apartment buildings would be reduced to around three stores to minimize stair climbing timing, massively increasing the urban sprawl. But with elevators, buildings can be over one hundred stories tall, creating massive economic centers and living quarters.

As a result, cities are allowed to prosper, natural space is preserved, and a flourishing world economy is made possible. Beyond simply city applications, elevators have allowed more autonomous factories to operate at higher levels of efficiency, saving loading and unloading time for a variety of industries.

Parking-->Elevator--> Interchanger

Today, a new invention known as the Interchanger-System is shooting for the stars and seeking to incite the same amount of massive economic growth and industry growth that the elevator brought, but to a new scale of magnitude.

The Interchanger-System is a horizontal transport system built to expand elevators from one-dimensional transport to three-dimensional transport, allowing people and goods to be transported across the same plane with ease. The system is a secure elevator-like box that can safely move people and goods through four electric wheels.

This Interchanger-System will greatly expand the possibility of automated mobility and help parking lots and other centers to become more dense, leaving more space for other manmade creations or simply the beautiful natural world. Additionally, the team behind the Interchanger-System has another idea in the works: a UAV drone system to transport goods from place to place.

This UAV system would allow transport to cover long distances with charging stations placed along the way and would require almost no infrastructure development. With these two systems, people and objects can be moved directly from place to place, allowing dense structures like parking lots and urban quarters to be more convenient and efficient.

Unfortunately, creating a product this revolutionary is not an easy task. To help support the development of the Interchanger-System and its UAV component, the Interchanger-System team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Through the campaign page, readers can support the campaign, purchase merchandise, or even pre-order a full-fledged Interchanger-System. With this support, the Interchanger-System team hopes to bring newfound efficiency regarding space usage and transport time to buildings and complexes everywhere.

To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

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