UK Citizens Still Suffering from Asbestos-Related Diseases: Asbestos London Survey and Removal Services of RS Environmental Remain Relevant

A recent survey indicates that asbestos survey and removal services are as important today as they ever were. The dangerous chemical is still claiming hundreds of lives all over the UK. RS Environmental is an asbestos London fighting force.

London – 8 May, 2017 – Hiring a survey and removal asbestos service remains a wise idea even today according to a survey by BBC. Asbestos exposure remains a major issue in the UK, where the hazardous chemical is still present in numerous buildings, including schools and hospitals. The effects of asbestos on health are proven and documented, so there can be no doubt that it’s a danger to the people. The highest number of asbestos-related cancer per year occurs in Scotland (175 diagnosed cases in 2014), but no other region is spared.

The worst thing about asbestos is that people have long ago learned to locate its presence and developed ways of efficient removal. However, as exposure to the element causes problems that appear much later in life, the danger often goes unnoticed.

RS Environmental is one of the companies that help fight this situation by providing comprehensive asbestos survey and removal services. They use a variety of methods to ensure the issue is dealt with quickly and thoroughly.

Asbestos: ‘Time Bomb’ for the Nation

Asbestos exposure is a proven cause of several cancers, including mesothelioma, which is caused only by this specific chemical. It claims several thousand lives in the UK every year. For example, in 2014, 2,515 people died of this specific disease.

Add 217 proven deaths of asbestosis in 2013 alone and 516 where this type of asbestos-induced lung condition was the likely cause. There are also several hundred cases of other conditions caused by this hazardous element.

In the majority of these cases, the actual death occurs years after the exposure. This means that asbestos acts like a ‘seed’ that plants a disease in the body and lets it fester and grow until it reaches its fatal conclusion.

Now note that there are still thousands of buildings in the UK where asbestos is an invisible ingredient of the plaster. Therefore, every person within them is at a constant risk of becoming a part of this depressing statistic.

Considering this, it’s no wonder that survey and removal asbestos London services continue to thrive. They really should as companies, like RS Environmental, help reduce the death toll caused by this hazard. Their official website,, offers a detailed breakdown of the services available to help deal with asbestos in the most efficient manner.

RS Environmental is an accredited independent contractor carrying the P402 and P405 certificates and ISO 17020:2004.

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