Putting the Bougie back in Bourgeoisie!

BelleBella™ launches its premier online boutique featuring brands, designers, and artisans from around the globe. BelleBella™ also debuts its own brand of exclusive women’s apparel, accessories, and home décor items, BourgeoisieBelle.

All items in the BourgeoisieBelle Collection have been designed with the individual trendsetter in mind who likes to be bold, classy, and most importantly…chic. At BelleBella™ you will find a collection of vibrant and whimsical new discoveries, as well as amazing style ideas. BelleBella™ caters to both the young and the more sophisticated crowd. There is something for every woman.

BelleBella’s™ goal is to offer the most comprehensive consumer fashion experience. Customers will be able to intuitively find what they desire with the aid of recommendations and personalized advice.

BelleBella™ fully understands how, as a bold, fashion-conscious woman who likes to express her individuality, you are constantly on the lookout for apparel and accessories that are stylish, classy and unique.

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“With our superior quality, and range of clothing, accessories, beauty, and home décor, the BelleBella™ boutique gives you the opportunity to bring out both your natural inner and outer beauty, while boosting your self-confidence at the same time. We don’t just want you to look your best, we want you to feel your best. Our most important motto is “Feel.chic,” says Indira Hall, Founder/Owner BelleBella™. “Chic isn’t just a look, it’s the feeling that is invoked when you both look good and feel good. When you “Feel.chic,” you will be able to “Lead.chic” and “Be.chic.””

All garments and accessories at BelleBella™ have been specially hand-picked by owner, Indira Hall who has an endless passion for fashion and is constantly scouring the globe for the most stunningly-designed items.

About BelleBella™

BelleBella™ was founded by Indira Hall and was born out of a desire to create a one-of-a-kind, online fashion boutique. Indira believes that every woman has the right to look and feel classy, stylish and confident. BelleBella™ gives you the opportunity to do so in a convenient way, as you shop from the comfort of your own home, or office. The ultimate goals of BelleBella™ are to continuously increase brand awareness, expand product offerings, and to help as many women find their “Chic.”

About Indira Hall

Indira Hall is a 31-year old single mom who possesses a BBA in Real Estate, and an MS in Accounting and Financial Management. While working full-time as a property manager, she decided a supplemental income was needed. Her need for an additional income was how BelleBella™ was born. Opening a boutique for women was a “no-brainer.” She has a deep appreciation for women because of the invaluable friendships she has built and maintained with many absolutely amazing women from different backgrounds, of different shapes, and with different style aesthetics. 

Media Contact
Company Name: BelleBella
Contact Person: Indira Hall
Email: media@bellebella.us
Phone: +1 571-305-1959
Country: United States
Website: www.bellebella.us