Turbo T. Double & Capcom launches hip hop music project for game “Street Fighter”

Artist Turbo T. Double has released his new hip hop audio graphic novel music project with video game company Capcom based on their popular game Street Fighter. This is the first Officially Licensed eSports music album and it’s release coincides with the emergence of eSports in mainstream entertainment.

For example, the show E League on TBS & the biggest tournament of them all, Evo, which is televised on ESPN from the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, are both generating global interest both within & beyond the fighting game community. Interestingly, in 2008 Turbo T. Double was the 1st and only artist to perform at the coveted Evo tournament.

Creating a music project for Capcom is quite a benchmark in the career of Turbo T Double who is popular for his hip hop music. As a writer/artist his goal is to create meaningful and relatable content. The creators of Street Fighter, a classic game for 3 decades now, cosigns his lyricism and creativity which speaks volumes. Influenced early on by his DJ stepfather and violin practice, Turbo spent a lot of time in music sessions and studied artists like Timbaland, Aaliyah, Bone Thugs, and others. In fact, he began to write down the lyrics of his favorite songs and recite them so as to learn cadence.

Turbo T. Double’s music is majorly influenced by legendary rappers such as Jay Z, Nas, and Andre 3000, the latter of the three who also cosigns Turbo’s skills. As a lover of writing, he puts major focus in word choice so as to resonate with the listener on deeper levels. Most of his songs are based on the theme of ‘working hard’ and to motivate people to keep trying, hustling and not being stagnant.

He includes his personal stories and experiences into his songs which makes his songs more real and relatable to the audiences. The videos are visually attractive and the music is developed to set the foot tapping. He is known to take a unique take on hip hop music and created nostalgic art which has received many hits on his Youtube channel.

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