Try Free Club – Marketplace for Free Trial Product Sampling & Enhancing User Feedback

Try Free Club is an innovative product sample distribution and user acquisition platform focusing on products from the Beauty, Fitness and Wellness categories. Within 3 months of operations, the company managed to publish over 100 free trial product offers from credible vendors, and surpassed the first milestone of 1000 satisfied users.

Try Free Club happily announces that after 3 months of market operations it has managed to surpass the number of over 100 free trial offers. More importantly, a great milestone of over 1000 satisfied users has been accomplished.

The company’s vision is to change the marketplace of finding and using free trial products. Providing a transparent and user friendly shopping experience is TFC’s main objective when it comes to online product selection and the team has spent hundreds of hours on verifying the offers and vendors in order to deliver deals that are of highest quality.

Customers are granted the opportunity to test various products from a selection of wellness and beauty merchandise, while the companies save up to 300% on their user acquisition costs by choosing to run with free trial marketing. Additionally the vendors collect actual user research information which helps them improve their support and product development.

TryFree.Club is a Free Trial Marketplace that delivers a platform with a wide selection of deals from the wellness and fitness industries. By increasing the user reach for the companies, it provides potential long-term users with the opportunity to try various products free of charge. Try Free Club aims to expand their selection to more free trial offers and diverse categories that will provide customers with a variety of supplements that will target various demands.

Due to globalized popularity of the free trial marketing concept, people from all over the world are interested in enjoying the benefits of testing a product for free before deciding on committing to one brand. Although currently the majority of offers are available in USA only, the target is to expand and procure contracts for free trial deals that will be available internationally.

The team of Try Free Club works tirelessly to deliver top quality, verified and certified supplements that target customers with various needs and wants. Obtaining new customers that will stick to the brand is a bigger challenge than keeping the existing ones. Try Free Club’s goal is to acquire buyers that will not only test the product but stick with it long-term and continue using it on a regular basis.

Although the free trial deals are available to all users of Try Free Club, the management believes that soon they will exceed the daily claiming limits on some products after which they will be available to a selected number of users.

Currently the services of TFC are free to use by all users (potential customers), while vendors pay a fee for each user that claims a free trial. Since statistics have shown that a large portion of the users are not satisfied with their vendor’s after sale service, the management team is considering introducing an in-house product support team, as well as professional mediation experts for resolving trade issues, disputes and legal escalations between the customers and the vendors if such events occur.

The company focuses on scaling their business exclusively online due to the faster accessibility and easier market penetration rate.

All vendors interested in trying out the free trial marketing concept are welcome to contact Try Free Club at the contacts.

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