Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Services Protect Trees from Poor Weather Conditions

Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Services recommends individuals in Vancouver BC to act preemptively and ensure trees are healthy and safe by the time the suitable weather arrives.

As we know, winter months can be devastating. But so can excessive rain or even droughts. High winds during storms can cause trees to fall, amongst other damages. The resulting devastation to the trees can be almost as awful as the storm itself.

Aesthetic Tree and Hedge Services provides tree cutting, hedge trimming, stump grinding and other tree services including pruning and storm damage mediation.

A spokesperson for Aesthetic Tree and Hedge Services said this during an interview, “With the stretch of rain that we have been having lately in the Vancouver region the trees and plants have been suffering. Homeowners are unable to attend to their gardens properly due to the excessive rain spells. This not only affects how their yards and gardens flourish but also their ability to purchase plants to incorporate into their areas. Our services provide the proper means to maintain your trees and hedges so that they remain healthy during these awful weather conditions.”

About Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Services

This Company is a local, family owned service. They have over a decade of experience in this industry. Their company not only as a passion for nature, but they also offer the best prices for their clients. They provide a variety of services from storm damage mediation to wood sculpting, and much more. Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Services is properly licensed and insured so that they are able to get those risky jobs that might be dangerous.

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Company Name: Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Services
Contact Person: Yaniv B
Phone: (604) 721-7370
Address:273 Renfrew St.
City: Vancouver
State: B.C.
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