Beez Pleez Has Launched a Kickstarter Campaign to Stop Declining Bee Populations

The Inspiring Start Up Donates 20 Honey Bees for Every Product Purchased

Vancouver, BC, Canada – May 8, 2017 – Beez Pleez has announced that it has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to seek community support in its noble cause of saving the honeybees. The company was founded in early 2017 by three students of MBA, BBA and High School. The company was founded as a way to stop the declining bee populations and for every product purchased, the company donates 20 honeybees to local bee farms. The Kickstarter campaign for this project is live as of April 26th, 2017 and will continue until May 26th, 2017.

“Far too often I see companies cutting corners, and damaging our beautiful planet to increase their profits by even 1%. We are not about that AT ALL. We truly care about our mission to increase the global bee population, as we think it is one of the most vital issues that the world currently faces.” Said Brayden H, one of the co-founders of Bee Pleez while talking about this amazing cause. “Honestly, we started this company out of necessity. With two of us being economics majors, we truly understand how vital honey bees are to the planet!” added Brayden.

In addition, Beez Pleez offers 100% Natural Beeswax Candles, as well as awareness bracelets on their Kickstarter reward. The trio of students is looking to increase the global bee population. The students have already contributed 100,000 honey bees, and look to reach 1 million by the end of 2017.The company originated in Kamloops, BC, and candles have already been sold worldwide. Surprisingly, the Kickstarter raised nearly $5,000 in the first week, with over 15,000 honeybees being contributed to the planet over that short period.

Beez Pleez also offers 100% Natural, Beeswax candles, made in both tin and glass containers.Beeswax is a natural bi-product of honeybees, and it leaves a light scent of honey aroma. Moreover, Beeswax is a MUCH better alternative to typical paraffin candles, as they contain no traces of petro-chemicals, or other harmful substances. Furthermore, Beez Pleez also offers a natural product, for individuals looking to cleanse their air of chemicals and other impurities.

“It’s actually scary how reliant we are on honey bees. Most people don’t understand that without honey bees, humans wouldn’t have a chance, or at the minimum our quality of life would be greatly affected,” said Kolby K, another one of the company’s co-founders.

About Beez Pleez:

Beez Pleez was started in the beginning of 2017 by three students, Brayden Hearne, Kolby Klassen and Jaylen Hearne. The company has partnered with experienced, local beekeepers and bee farms in Kamloops, British Columbia where the company donates 20 honey bees to these local farms for every product purchased.

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