Airwheel pushed out many Smart Electric Scooters models During the development of electric unicycle

Terry is a scooter-lover. Since his first time to expose himself to Airwheel electric scooter, he saw the design and technology in it and took to it. From then on, he started to collect Airwheel mini electric scooters of one or another sort.

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Although it was not a long time since Airwheel set foot in this sector, it pushed out a great many products of intelligent self-balancing scooters. Of these models, some are revolutionary and some are still hailed as the ultimate in the design and technology such as Airwheel X8 electric one wheel, S8MINI saddle-equipped scooter and R3 electric assist bike kit.

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Terry is a scooter-lover. At home, there are a host of models. He keeps them carefully and therefore they are all in pristine condition, looking new brand. Of these models, Terry adores the X8 the most. Up to now, it is still Terry’s favourite scooter. It is famous for its agility. In the beginning of the establishment of Airwheel, it released the single-wheeled electric scooters. Through steering Airwheel X8, Terry gained the unprecedented sense of achievement. Therefore, the X8 was the first model in the history of Airwheel. They came as a milestone for Airwheel. During the development of electric unicycle, Airwheel pushed out many models. Terry successfully collected each model of these sorts.

Smart Electric Scooters

With the development of tech, Airwheel’s e technology and design culminated in S8MINI. S8MINI is laudable and hailed as the classic model amongst two-wheeled scooters. Terry sees the excellent agility in S8MINI, thinking highly of its design and technology. He is also positive about the future of S8MINI. The glamour of S8MINI sitting-posture electric scooter will not die away with the passage of day.

Airwheel Holding Limited

Recently, Terry purchased R3 citizen e-bike that is featured by the three kinds of ride modes, and they can enjoy the riding pleasure whether in power-assisted mode or electricity-assisted mode. The first fitting is the 14incn wheels mounted on Airwheel R3.

 citizen e-bike

Since R3 is hailed as the personal electric moped bike, it has to pass several tough terrains like muddy paths and craggy paths. Also, R3 is transformed into the foldable e bike. Its main body, operating rod, handle bars and pedals can be folded to bid farewell troublesome.

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