Innovative all-in-1 fitness tracker ‘Kivalo’ to launch with game-changing 60-day battery life

Soon-to-launch breakthrough fitness tracker watch Kivalo will help users in keeping tab on all fitness activities and will monitor heart beat 24/7 for 60 days without recharge.

London, UK – May 9, 2017 – Fitness tracker watches are no doubt cool but it’s the daily charging hassle that spoils half of the fun. But not anymore! Visionary entrepreneur and tech veteran Chandan Prashar is soon to launch his futuristic fitness watch Kivalo that will run for 60-days non-stop without a recharge! It’s for the first time ever that a fitness watch has been able to reach such a maximum battery life – making life a wee bit easier for us.

Kivalo is slated to launch sometime in mid-2017 in North America and Europe. 

Apart from being the first fitness watch with a game-changing battery life, Kivalo also scores over its competitors with its extensive capacity of tracking. Most fitness trackers don’t do much and work for one single activity – such as walking. Kivalo is an all-in-1 breakthrough fitness watch that will not only track walking but would also work for swimming, cycling, running and gym training. It is even designed to monitor the heart rate of the user. 

“We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of our innovative fitness tracker watch Kivalo. Fitness tracker watches are nothing new and you have a good lot of them available today somewhere from $20 to $400. But what makes Kivalo stand out is its never-seen-before battery life and comprehensive tracking capacity. We aimed for a better solution and have brought together the key features like Running, Cycling, Swimming, walking and Dynamic Heart rate monitoring in one single device. Most importantly, our state of the art fitness watch is able to offer battery up to 60 days which no one has been able to achieve till this date. We wish to make things more convenient for you through the help of technology,” stated Chandan Prashar, the man behind Kivalo.

Chandan Prashar had the best of talents working behind his cutting edge project, sourced from different parts of world.

“The product designing was done in the UK while we had the software from India – the manufacturing was carried in China. Kivalo is armed with the best of all the 3 countries. It’s your ultimate fitness companion to transform your lifestyle for better. Our watch is for all.”

Kivalo is designed with state of the art 9 axis g sensor and advanced smart recognition technology. It’s comfortable, lightweight and waterproof for 50 meters. Elegantly designed, the fitness tracker watch sports  a smart and easy 1.27” display. Users would be getting a customizable band to choose as per their specific tastes and lifestyle.  

“It will keep you motivated by enabling you to keep tab on all your fitness activities and fitness goals 24/7, every single day.” 

Chandan Prashar and his team are also working on another revolutionary project which will be a 6 in one health device. It will enable the users to connect with their doctors via video call and would also help to and transmits all important health documents and reports to the physician remotely.

The expected price range of Kivalo is $120 USD.

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