Breeding Bunnies Generations: The Ultimate Survival Based Mobile Game For Everyone

Created by a dedicated Hong Kong based startup, the game is currently seeking public support on indiegogo

Hong Kong, Hong Kong – May 9, 2017 – Pariunos, a Hong Kong based startup has proudly announced that they have created a new survival mobile game called ‘Breeding Bunnies Generations.’ The game is based on the original ‘Breeding Bunnies, the first game ever produced by the startup back in 2014. The company focuses on media to promote less violence through mobile games. Pariunos has recently announced that they are seeking public support for this game and have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo with a goal to raise $8000.

“Breeding Bunnies Generations is a new game based on the original “Breeding Bunnies” which I created back in 2014 as the very first game I made.” said Clinton Wong of Pariunos while introducing the game to the public. “We have entirely patented this new game which is a cute, comical and fun survival game.” he added. The game has an interesting and engaging gameplay with a lot of great and exciting options for the players to breed bunnies. Funds raised through the crowdfunding on Indiegogo will help the creators to complete the game in time.

In the gameplay, players are required to explore the islands to find the missing DNA keys in order to be able to breed the other bunnies back into life. The game has comical things to explore along with the cute characters to meet. The Hong Kong based company which has created this game mainly focuses on mobile games. The games created by the young startup provide challenging, yet interesting gameplay that can help players obtain certain skills for the mind. Such skills might not be obtainable in the real world scenarios and this is the beauty of these amazing mobile games.

“We’re a young team and would love all the feedback we could get from you so that we could grow into a company that would not only be fun, but one that would provide impact to the society,” said one of the creators of the company while requesting for the donations for the game.

Generous backers and supporters can back this amazing game on Indiegogo using the following link:

About Pariunos

Currently, Pariunos in registered in Hong Kong. However, most of the team’s members are located in Malaysia. Team members are working as freelancers while the company struggles to gain capital. Although based in Hong Kong as well as Malaysia, the games are targeted for English based players for the moment. This means that the company is targeted the entire world and the games are being downloaded and played worldwide. Moreover, the company has plans to include other languages like Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Malay and Indian.

Media Contact
Company Name: Pariunos
Contact Person: Clinton Wong
Phone: +852 54685353
Country: HongKong