BNatrl Enters Into Agreement To Partner With “As Seen On TV” To Distribute Their Advanced Liquid Silver Supplement

“As Seen On TV” is the dominant force behind television mass-market promotions via infomercials, and maintains a highly trafficked web portal.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA, September 4, 2014. Sales are sure to skyrocket for BNatrl as a result of their agreement with “As Seen On TV” to distribute their Liquid Silver Solution. The “As Seen On TV” empire is without a doubt the dominating marketer of television infomercials. They utilize professionally produced commercials, and run them in carefully selected markets. Their infomercials enable direct response or viewers can go to their website to place orders. It should be an excellent source for increased revenue for both players, according to a company spokesperson.

BNatrl may be one of many companies to market a liquid silver supplement, but they have the edge on their competition because they have been able to reduce the size of the silver ions to a nano-particle capable of permeating cell membranes at a molecular level. Silver solutions are rated according to their “PPM…(Parts Per Million)”, but if they don’t get into the cells, they cannot attack the pathogens. Liquid silver solutions of today are leaps and bounds ahead of their predecessors. In use for over a century by physicians in their daily practice, they were counted on for their ability to kill bacteria. After antibiotics came along, Physicians gravitated toward writing prescriptions. As antibiotics became stronger while also less effective, liquid silver solutions became the subject of many clinical studies and lab research. While antibiotics have many side-effects, Liquid Silver Sols are proving just as effective without harmful side effects.

Quite naturally, many supplement companies have entered the silver solution market. Some firms even sell equipment to make silver solutions at home, but this method can only produce marginally effective solutions. BNatrl R&D division invested much time and resources into developing the most bioavailable form of liquid silver available today. Colloidal silver has an efficiency rate between 15 and 65 percent. BNatrl Silver Sol has an efficiency rate of neutralizing microbes of over 99 percent.

BNatrl’s Silver Sol particles use a unique catalytic action that enables them to seek and destroy pathogens by attaching themselves to their cell walls, which eventually leave holes in the membranes, subsequently killing the pathogens.

During a recent press conference, Lis Herrey, CEO of BNatrl, had this to say: “We are excited to start this partnership with As Seen On TV to sell our Silver Sol products. There has been a growing demand in the market for liquid silver supplements and silver gel, our partnership with As Seen On TV will be a key factor for BNatrl to address that demand.”

Bo Gustafsson, Head of Product Development, made these comments: “As Seen On TV provides BNatrl a unique opportunity to accelerate time-to-market of new products as they are developed. We look forward to continuing to work with them to launch many of our new products currently in Research & Development.”

For complete information, please visit: BNatrl’s Silver Sol

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