Building Asset Digitization General Chain, ACCHAIN ICO Global Launching

May 9th, 2017 – asset digitization platform ACCHAIN is launching a global ICO, ACC will be initial offered on the official website — “”.

ACCHAIN is a global open source community, asset digitization platform and the tool, its mission is to build a general chain for all type of businesses. ACC is the standard digital coin in ACCHAIN community, asset owners, developers, traders can realize asset digitization and tokenization by copying the ACC general ledger, and though ICO to issue and circulate the digital assets. Using the bottom agreement of ACCHAIN, all tokens can be exchanged and traded with ACC.


The first ACC ICO will be launched from the 9th of May to 6th of June, 28 days total. Through smart contract of the Chain, 20 % of the fund raised from the ICO will be used as the incentives for delegates who worked in the community, and 80% will be locked into the fund pool. The number of investment in BTC on the ACCHAIN official website is set to be 3000, and for ICO countdown and Coinschedule these two overseas platforms is 600. From distribution Channel side, the US node and the UK node’s goal will be 2000 each, and the Cambodia node, 2911 BTC. The goal for the entire ICO is to raise over 10,000 BTC, and it’s predicted to be more than that.


Lacking of public awareness has been the development bottleneck of Bitcoin, its bottom agreement blockchain has been more and more popular among many enterprises and capitals, but still, for the mass, it is very difficult to understand. Therefore, even with blockchain technology being applied in many fields, it seems to be neglected by consumers. Asset digitization, the greatest application of Blockchain technology, is creating a new order in the digital age. Currently, financial institutions including the Central Bank who is now issuing its own digital coins, or CMB, Postal Savings and etc., are exploring Blockchain by applying asset digitization with an open, transparent, secured the method.

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