Terron Beckham Pushes Up and Coming Trainer Brad Roche In The Gym

Brad Roche, strength and conditioning trainer from Charlotte, North Carolina, worked out in a session with Terron Beckham in New York City on May 6.
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As part of his effort to give back to and inspire young athletes and trainers, Terron Beckham hosted an up and coming trainer, Brad Roche, at a gym in New York City on May 6. Beckham demonstrated a number of his workout routines and provided advice on athletic training.

Beckham is a fitness professional and entertainer in New York City. With hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram and other social media, he’s a viral sensation. His Instagram page displays pictures of his well-toned physique and videos of his workouts, demonstrating a unique combination of strength and athleticism. Beckham is currently pursuing a career in professional wrestling. He recently attended a tryout at WWE’s facilities in Orlando, Florida and is continuing his training while awaiting the offer of a contract.

Beckham’s videos not only showcase his training routines, but some offer insight to aspiring athletes with his philosophy on physical training. He said, “Many athletes are interested in improving physical appearance and bulking up, but if you want to develop as an athlete, improving performance – speed, strength, and conditioning – is the most important first step. Think about what you are trying to achieve and get specialty training focused on where you want to go.” He added, “Weight training to bulk up the muscles and develop a better appearance can follow performance training, or can be started at the same time.”

Roche is a strength and conditioning trainer in Charlotte, North Carolina. He offers one-on-one training as well as video training aimed at increasing strength, athletic performance, power-bodybuilding, and overall total-body fitness.

Roche has also developed several workout programs and continues to explode on to the training circuit with sponsors such as Paragon Fit Wear and Yellow Stone. With an already established social media following, Roche continues to train with the best to continue his growth.

Roche says “My goal is to help as many people as possible reach their fitness goals, unlock their potential, and help make the skills they need in the gym habits in every day life.”

For more information about Terron Beckham, visit: https://aklan.fitness

For more information about Brad Roche, visit: http://www.bradrochetraining.com

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