Madpong, a genius improvement of beerpong.

Each cup contains a challenge card which also protects your beer from a dirty/ hairy ball. Not only does it keep the beer clean, but it also makes the game more inclusive to all players.

In today’s world, one of the most, if not the most, popular drinking games is doubtlessly beer pong. The game combines skill, luck, and intoxication in a perfect blend that is ideal for having a hell of a time. The game simply consists of bouncing a ping-pong ball into a cup of beer, forcing the opponent to chug that cup of beer. While this game has been fun for a while, it has some blistering problems. The team at Rebelz Games has decided it is time to give beer pong an update. The result was a new and evolved version of beer pong that Rebelz Games has dubbed MADPONG. The game incorporates all of the classic and fun elements of beer pong, embellishes the game with new aspects, and eliminates some of the problems with the original game. 

The game itself consists of a set of hexagonal cups with two sections in each cup. The cups are laid out much like a traditional game of beer pong, but this time all of the cups fit flush with one another thanks to the hexagonal design. The first section of each cup is filled, and challenge cards are placed in the middle of the cup, resting above the beer. These challenge cards are what the ball lands on, preventing dirty ping pong balls from contaminating a refreshing beer. When a person lands a ball in a MADPONG cup, they remove the ball and card and chug the beer. The challenge card will detail a specific action that everyone in the group will have to do. These challenges range from doing a pushup, to twerking, to slapping someone else’s butt, adding a bit of livelihood to any party. What’s more is that the last one to complete the challenge has to take an extra shot, motivating everyone to copy the reader of the challenge card as quickly as possible in what becomes a chaotic frenzy. 

To mass produce the cups and cards required for this game, Rebelz Games needs the support of interested users. To remedy this issue, the MADPONG team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Through the campaign page, readers can preorders sets of challenge cards, cups, and even placement mats to keep distances standard. Additionally, early supporters will be rewarded with exclusive discounts for their support. With this support, MADPONG hopes to add a bit of life and alcohol to parties everywhere.

To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

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