2017 Reading, PA Candidate for Judge Mike Cammarano and Kris Degioia Celebrate Relationship With Anti-Bullying and Anti-Cyberstalking Foundation

In the 2017 campaign to be elected judge in Berks County, PA, which covers the city of Reading, bullying and cyberstalking are very important issues to candidate Mike Cammarano. He recently discussed the topics, his hiring of the head of an important bullying and cyberstalking awareness foundation as his marketing manager and made clear these will remain focuses after his election

9 May, 2017 – When it comes to important issues for Mike Cammarano, who is running to be elected judge in Reading, PA, few issues are as important as protecting the innocent from cyberstalking and bullying.  Recently, Cammarano expressed gratitude to the quickly growing anti-bullying/cyberstalking foundation CSI Awareness for their hard work, who are based in Reading,while hiring their founder Kris Degioia to handle his own campaign’s marketing efforts.

“Now is the time we stop ignoring what is happening to our children either at school or online or in any public place,”  commented Cammarano about the important issue.  “I will not ignore our children being bullied. Bullying killed 13 million kids last year alone, I pledge by working with CSI Awareness to lower the stats and to keep lowering it to where there are no stats for deaths related to bullying.”

According to CSI Awareness, the foundation is running a very effective awareness campaign called “Know it. Name it. Stop it”.  The campaign has worked hard to open eyes to how dangerous bullying and cyberstalking can be, and how it shouldn’t be trivialized.  Two things Cammarano agrees with completely.

Kris Degioia from CSI Awareness, remarked on the seriousness of taking bullying and cyberstalking seriously, “Cyberstalking or bullying is not as rare as people think, it happens to thousands of people everyday, just no one talks about it. As being a survivor from cyberstalking, I can personally tell you that 95 % of the election of Berks County judge will take place on May 16th, 2017. Cammarano is one of four candidates for the office and the only to mention cyberstalking and bullying. He encourages everyone to be concerned with the issue. Voting for Mike, will open more doors allowing him to explore his other positions and deep experience, altogether of which could help make a real change not only in Berks County, but also for schools nationwide will never happen again. To anyone. Know it. Name it. Stop it.”

The election for Berks County judge will take place on May 16th, 2017.  Cammarano is one of four candidates for the office and the only to mention cyberstalking and bullying.  He encourages everyone concerned with the issue to explore voting for him, by exploring his other positions and deep experience all of which could help make a real change in Berks County and in Reading should he be elected.

For more information on CSI Awareness be sure to visit https://www.thecsiawareness.com

Learn more about Cammarano and his campaign for judge at http://mikeforjudge2017.com

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/N7tZjMPcT10

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