California, U.S.A – 09 May, 2017 – If you enjoy listening to the best hip hop in the world, COMP “The Man With The Hand” needs to be in your playlist.

Comp (formerly of Def Jam Records) and Def Jam’s fight for New York’s video Game (for Play Station) now of “THE BANGARANG GANG” recently launched his newest street release “Hard Liquor”. You can also find him on DNA’s street Rehab Series entitled “Christopher Shakur” dominating the streets with the dopest of releases and anthems.

Here is are a few notable releases:

“Hard Liquor” – Available Now! (http:/

“Run” Ghostface Killa feat. Jadakiss and Comp


“Her Friends” by Comp (

“Rollin” by Comp (Johnson Family Vacation Movie)

“Do Sumpthin” Cradle to the Grave (DMX and Jet Li)

About Comp

Comp is one of hip hop’s strongest heavyweights. Originating from the bowels of Baltimore, he’s remaking his mark in the music industry. With hard banging street themes like “B-more Anthem,”Call You Out,” and “Bang,” Comp is taking the hip hop scene by storm……again. However, the streets perspective isn’t all he has to offer, his versatility and musical mastery have produced club bangers like “Be With You” and “Fire.” His single “Harder” testifies to his deep knowledge of the entertainment industry.

It also provides insight and encouragement to other artists, while making it apparent that the created position of a superstar is full of ups and downs. His experiences have fortified an unbreakable confidence fueled by the desire to make it bigger. Many people ask what Comp stands for; it is an acronym meaning “Clever on Many Perspectives” and his music is true to the name.

Download and listen to who is arguably one of the best rappers alive.

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