Dr. Alex Lupenko Looks Forward To A Future Where We Can Intercepting Virus Communications Is A Now A Very Real Possibility

LONG ISLAND, NY – 5/10/2017 — According to Science Daily, the Weizmann Institute of Science has made a groundbreaking, and rather peculiar discovery that could tell us more about how viruses survive long-term. Strangely enough, professors at the Weizmann Institute have unearthed a virus code of sorts that leaves genetic “posts” for the kin and descendants of viruses to communicate with one another in a “beyond the grave” type of rule book for teaching them how to proceed with the process of infecting their hosts once the particular germ dies off. 

Many of the viruses in our world today face one of two options – to replicate quickly and oblate a cell in the process or to remain dormant and lie in wait for attack. Viruses such as Herpes, HIV and a variety of other known illnesses react in this manner. The recent discovery reveals that viruses, during infection, secrete small molecules into their atmosphere that other viruses can then pick up and read much like a book. It is uncanny really. In this avenue, the viruses can better coordinate their attack, translating simple code into a sophisticated line of strategy.

With a reputation for excellence in his field, Dr. Alex Lupenko has been treating patients with like illnesses in his New York practice for over 21 years. He is excited about the recent discoveries in virus interaction and is hopeful that in knowing more about how viruses communicate, that in time, we can discover how to intercept and change those messages – both in replicating viruses and those that lie dormant. If we can accomplish this, there is no limit to what we can do in the future or how many lives can be touched by this potential opportunity to change the way we treat infectious diseases.

Dedicated to helping patients meet challenges head on, with plenty of compassion and dedication to discovering new ways for patients to live happier and healthier lives, Dr. Lupenko is proud of his New York roots, while still keeping a pulse on every change and discovery happening all over the globe. Together with others in the infectious disease treatment and prevention community, Dr. Alexander Lupenko is a lifelong learner, even after so many years in practice. He is passionate about staying abreast of recent discoveries and looking for unique opportunities to take what we are learning in the here and now, so that when new treatments enter the market, his patients are the first to know about new medications, new theories and most of all, new hope for tomorrow.

Zika Not the Only Risk Associated With Brazil, Says Dr. Alexander Lupenko

The 2016 Rio Olympics put the spotlight on the Zika virus’ development in Brazil. While the associated risks with contracting Zika are dangerous, infectious disease specialist Dr. Alexander Lupenko warns that it is not the only risk when traveling to the region.

Dr. Lupenko recently commented on the matter, “While many travelers heading to Brazil are weary of avoiding mosquitos in order to reduce risk of Zika transmission, they are often entirely ignorant of the other diseases within the region. Hepatitis A, Typhoid, and Hepatitis B are also commonly contracted by tourists visiting the country. These infections are easily avoidable with the proper immunizations, but failing to receive them can have potentially devastating long-term effects on a travelers health. I urge anyone traveling to Brazil in the coming months to speak to an infectious disease specialist who can assess the proper precautions necessary prior to departure.”

Travelers with pre-existing medical conditions can also be at risk for less common diseases in Brazil; in rare cases it will be advised that travel to the region is avoided entirely.

The Zika Virus, which is transmitted primarily through mosquitos, has caused mass panic in the region due to its association with birth defects in pregnant women. For this reason, “Brazil should be entirely avoided by women who are pregnant or aiming to become pregnant,” states Dr. Lupenko.

Dr. Lupenko is considered one of New York state’s most well known infectious disease experts. He completed his medical degree in Poland at Jagiellonian University Medical College in 1983. He subsequently completed his residency in New York at Catholic Medical Center of Brooklyn & Queens. He has over 30 years of experience in the medical industry.

If you or anyone you know is interested in the services that Dr. Lupenko can provide to you prior to traveling, please call his office directly at 516-825-3600.

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