Introducing Autotiv Manufacturing: The Easiest Way to 3D Print Anything

SALEM, NH – 10 May, 2017 – Forget the back-and-forth email chains or endless game of phone tag, now engineers can get a quote for 3D printing projects in under 5 minutes.

With the launch of Autotiv’s instant online quoting platform, anyone can upload a model to the platform, choose from 5 different 3D printing technologies, and receive a quote based on material, production time, and shipping. Plastics, elastomers, and metals in SLA, FDM, SLS, DMLS and Polyjet are available.

This marks a step forward in the distributed manufacturing company’s goal of simplifying the sourcing and production process for manufacturing. “We want to remove the inefficiencies in additive manufacturing and simplify the process of sourcing prototypes and small production runs,”  says co-founder Beth Hutchings.

Rather than managing the relationships between multiple vendors, customers can order parts for all their 3D printing projects in one place, and know they’re getting the best price. For project consulting, production runs, or customers who prefer to discuss their projects with a human, Autotiv’s manufacturing specialists are on-call.

The New England-based company sources the best price and lead time for their customers by tapping into their network of vetted production partners to utilize excess production capacity. Autotiv works with suppliers to negotiate the best price for the job and improve the efficiency in production by distributing projects to where there is idle machine time. They also provide file repair and preparation, materials consulting,  project management, and create tools to make the RFQ process easier.

Autotiv has been the 3D printing source for more than 1,000 companies and has plans to expand into CNC machining, casting, and rapid sheet metal.

To experience Autotiv’s quoting tool, try uploading a model here.

About Autotiv

Autotiv is a manufacturing platform that enables engineers to fabricate plastic and metal parts faster and cheaper than ever before.

We do this by using idle manufacturing capacity from qualified suppliers all around the US.

Media Contact
Company Name: Autotiv
Contact Person: Beth Hutchings
Phone: 603-242-2685
Country: United States