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Made with the rarest, most exquisite, and pure ingredients.
We take great pride in knowing Lui & Lei has been specially formulated and patented by Korea’s leading manufacturer Hanbul Cosmetics. Made with unparalleled formulas, we truly believe Lui & Lei is one of a kind.

It’s Your Time To Shine

Lui & Lei is a new cosmetic brand that was specially formulated and patented by Korea’s top cosmetic manufacturing company, Hanbul Cosmetics.

First launched in January 2017, Lui & Lei has introduced a variety of lines that fits all life stages. The current lineup includes: Diana Gen and Basics. Lui & Lei’s anti-aging line, Diana Gen, features two collections – the Prestige and VVIP. The Prestige Collection was researched and developed over a span of two years and features a patented formula of the Black Royal Fish mucous (gently removing the regenerative outer secretion), White Gold Caviar extract, and White Truffle extract. These unique creams are also packaged in exclusive diamond-shaped containers. The VVIP Collection is the key to reversing time for ageless skin. It is made with IBR-Dormin, and this patented formula slows down cell proliferation and increases Collagen I production by 128% over a 15 day period. But for those without anti-aging needs, the Basics Line includes a full home-care set, with the Moisture Brightening Collection, Men’s Collection, and Red Collection.

Lui & Lei may have been introduced in January, but has rapidly expanded internationally. Distributorship has begun in Asia and North and South America. This rapid expansion is largely due to Lui & Lei’s parent company, Hanbul Cosmetics. Hanbul’s renowned reputation within the cosmetic industry has been the driving force behind Lui & Lei’s much anticipated launch. Hanbul has been in business for nearly 30 years and is currently highly regarded as the parent company of It’s Skin, with whom they just announced a merger with. Hanbul’s research and development of Korean cosmetics is unparalleled, shown by their constant output of highly established OEM brands, such as Do&Be, Escada, and It’s Skin.

Unlike other manufacturers, Hanbul has invested in an in-house lab to research, formulate and produce Lui & Lei products. All products of Lui & Lei have been carefully formulated and perfected; they are free of animal cruelty, parabens, and sulfates. Lui & Lei is dedicated to giving you the youthful and radiant skin you have always dreamed of.

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