BNatrl Announces The Launch of Their Immune System Booster – Super Silver Solution Starter Kit

The BNatrl Silver Solution is a second-generation liquid silver supplement that has been shown to be 1000 times more effective than the varieties of colloidal silver that have been used medicinally for more than 100 years.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA, September 4, 2014. The mainstream medical establishment has known of the medicinal value of Liquid Silver Solutions, and Silver itself, for more than a Century. It has, in effect, created a whole new paradigm in the way Physicians combat pathogens. Before Antibiotics were discovered, it was normal protocol for Doctors to use Colloidal Silver in their practice. Every newborn child in the USA is administered Silver Nitrate into the eyes to kill bacteria, which is an indication of the safety and effectiveness of this immune system booster. The release of BNatrl’s Silver Solution Kit raises Silver Sols to a new level.

The BNatrl Silver Solution Kit is an excellent introduction to the healing properties of Silver Sols. It contains a book by the renowned Dr. G. Pedersen, entitled: “A New Fighting Chance – A Quantum Leap in Silver Technology”, considered the definitive work on Silver Solutions. There is also a DVD included containing a “Silver Solutions Special Report: Women’s Health.” The products in the kit are two 16 oz bottles of the Silver Sol 12 ppm Liquid, and one 100ml Silver Sol 35 ppm Gel, a Silver Sol Applicator Kit, and a 20 count pack of Organic Silver Lozenges, great for a sore throat. Most Silver Sols on the market are only rated at 10 ppm. The delivery system employed is what makes the BNatrl product stand apart from other Silver Sols.

BNatrl Silver Sol’s patented technology processes silver molecules into nano particles that are easily dispersed and kept suspended in purified water.Nano particles are so small that they are easily absorbed by the cells of the human body. Colloidal silver has an efficiency rate between 15 and 65 percent. BNatrl Silver Sol in this starter kit has an efficiency rate of neutralizing microbes of over 99 percent. The product’s unique catalytic action enables BNatrl’s Silver Sol’s particles to seek out pathogens. Once found, they attach to the pathogens’ cell walls, which eventually leave holes in the membranes, subsequently killing the pathogens.

During a recent interview, Lis Herrey, CEO of BNatrl, had this to say: “We believe we have a duty to improve health worldwide and understand that everybody is not able to access the resources or receive the education necessary to live a healthy life. Therefore, 10% of our earnings are used to improve health in developing nations.”

For complete information, please visit: BNatrl Super Silver Sol Starter Kit

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