SaintyCo Upgrades its IBC Bin Blenders to Guarantee Safety & Homogenous Blending

Zhejiang, China – May 10th, 2017 – SaintyCo today introduced upgraded IBC bin blenders with the latest technology that guarantee safety and homogenous blending. Featuring highly sensitive sensors, robust bin turning mechanism and unique geometrical shapes; SaintyCo IBC bin blenders are now available for pharmaceutical, foodstuff, beverage, laboratory and chemical processing industries.

“SaintyCo IBC bin blenders are robust and highly efficient pharmaceutical equipment available in the market,” said Mr. Tony Zeng, SaintyCo’s Export Manager. “Our new upgrade aims to increase productivity, homogenous bending, motor efficiency and accuracy. We are sure, both material processing industries and research laboratories will benefit immensely from these new upgrades.”

The new SaintyCo IBC bin blenders will have the following new features:

Improved control system: SaintyCo bin blender machines have the modern PLC control systems. This enables users to specify the operational parameters such as blending speed and time.

The ability to automatically clamp the bin, raise it, begin blending, lower the bin and unclamp it; eliminates the need for many technicians to operate the machine. All processes are integrated to a printer that prints the bulk production data.

Advanced safety: SaintyCo bin blenders feature advanced pressure sensors for efficient operation of clamping mechanism. The infrared sensors prevent unauthorized persons from accessing the material blending area during the operation.

The new IBC bin blenders do not have dead angles, protruding screws or concave-convex shape.

Homogenous and accurate blending: The new IBC bin blenders feature a completely different geometrical shape to ensure homogenous material blending.

Their bins can be tilted to different angles along the axis of rotation forcing double movement of material. SaintyCo has designed the new IBC bin blenders such that this creates a high tangential motion causing an optimal mixing effect.

With mixing efficiency at 99% and charging coefficient ranging from 50% to 80%; the upgraded SaintyCo bin blenders meet the dynamic demands in the modern material processing.

About SaintyCo

SaintyCo researches, designs and manufactures foodstuff and cosmetic machines. For over 15 years, SaintyCo has expanded to over eight factories that deal in different pharmaceutical machines and equipment.

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General Manager: Tony Zeng


Phone: +86-577-66612826


Media Contact
Company Name:
Contact Person: Tony Zeng
Phone: +86-577-66612826
City: Zhejiang
Country: China