Peak Alarm warns of fake security companies out to swindle unsuspecting customers

Competitor companies offering false and ridiculous services with harmful intents

Security systems are imperative because they help keep the family and property safe from intruders. Homeowners looking to buy security systems, need to be aware and careful the kind of people they deal with. Peak Alarm Company, a Utah-based company that specializes in high-quality alarm systems and home automation systems, would like to sensitize the public about the activities of fake security representative claiming to represent Peak Alarm.

These are competitor companies sending out representatives that claim they work with Peak Alarm. Those who have a security system might have a bigger problem, as fake security representatives will try to squeeze into their homes and sell them inferior products in the name of the company. Some of their tactics include checking if the system is working, upgrading security systems, or security passcode needs changing.

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“Peak Alarm cares about providing quality services for our client base, to ensure that their security is secured. This is why we would like to inform you about the activities of fake Peak Alarm security representatives who claim to represent us. Fraudulent people are bent on taking advantage of our good name to swindle innocent people. We hope that people will take note of this and contact us anytime someone contacts them in our name,” said Jeff Howe.

Fake representative are only out there to make a profit from a brand and system they have not invested. Homeowners needed to be educated and made to be aware of the antics and tactics of these unscrupulous elements. They will usually appear at the door, saying they are with the security company, to check if the security system is working properly. They may also say that the contract has expired and there is need to sign a new contract. Some even go as far as applying high-pressure sales tactics, convincing homeowners to upgrade security features and changing of security passcode.

There are many ways to prevent unwanted solicitors from posing a security threat. Homeowners should learn just to say “no” once the suspect something fishy. Homeowners can also hang a “no solicitor” sign at the door, or use video monitoring to ensure they know who is at the door before allowing access.

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