Global Warming advocate launches Plant #1000 Trees on Inner-City Lots campaign

Anyone can support the project by making a donation on the StartSomeGood crowd funding page

Trees play a crucial role in the cycle of life. They provide humans with oxygen, clean the air, conserve energy, prevent water pollution and soil erosion, create economic opportunities, the list goes on. But trees everywhere in the world are disappearing, and if something is not done, the human race will be in jeopardy. GreenLotz, an organization committed to keeping America green, just announced their crowd funding campaign on to plant #1,000 trees in inner-city lots. The organization wants to plant these trees as a contribution to reducing the effects of climate change, bring nature closer back to the people and improve the quality of air.

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“When you look at the world today, compared to about ten years ago, a lot has changed. Cities are recording high temperatures, and Chicago had no snow in January and February 2017, which has never happened in more than 150 years. Miami is spending millions of dollar to build sea walls, add water pumps and raise roads, just to keep alive.” Said Richard Simpson Cofounder of GreenLotz.  “The simplest and most practical way to prevent a looming disaster is to start planting trees now. The trees are natural agents that reduce temperatures and have the capacity to help slow do the effects of the heat,” said Shane Lyon, Cofounder of GreenLotz.

A few years ago, GreenLotz decided to do some research and found out about deforestation and how it contributes to global warming. Trees have the ability to absorb CO2 and release oxygen, which in turn helps to reduce the heat and wildfires. Tree planting is a community project that will have an impact on the immediate environment, as well as global weather and atmospheric conditions. There are 11 award options available to support this project, ranging from $1 every little bit to $500 Giant Redwood that dedicates the plot name to the supporter. There is also the Mighty Oak donation, the wildflower, the Prince of Pine, the Queen Bee, the Adult and the Seedling, all with fantastic and praiseworthy perks.

“As a mother with a husband and kids, I often ponder about how the world will be when our children are adults, and we are old. It is very scary the information you read in the news and the documentaries that talk about climate change. I made a donation because I believe that planting just one tree can make a difference. Hope more people realize this and support this project to make it a success,” said Becky D., a supporter.

GreenLotz advocates for people to plant a tree, help the community and save the world. They also believe that planting trees may help bring the bees back. Supporters of this campaign will get merchandise like T-shirts, cooler and handbags, to show appreciation for their support in keeping America green. The proceeds from the campaign will be used to buy inner-city lots, seedlings and wildflower seeds, and hire a lawyer to file as non-profit.

About GreenLotz

GreenLotz is a non-profit organization dedicated to keeping America green. They have executed some projects and planning much more, which are geared towards fighting climate change and making the world a safer and better place for the next generations.

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