Hello BOLD! Tiya Cunningham-Sumter’s Sophomore Book On Overcoming Shyness Launches May 15th, 2017

USA – Mrs. Tiya Cunningham-Sumter aka The Bolder Sister was once shy hershelf – but no more. Blind to her own power, she spent her formative years, and her early adulthood, living under the reigns of fear. Going through a revelatory self-transformation, Mrs. Cunningham-Sumter became the woman she always meant to be: brave, bold, fearless and ready to take on the world. Spreading her message of empowerement, she recently penned her second book, Hello BOLD! The Confidence Guide for Conquering Shyness and Overcoming Fear, which is set to officially launch on the amazon.com platform on May 15th, 2017.

“Living in fear made me miss out on significant opportunities. My shyness made me blend in the background, while I saw others advance in their pursuits, simply because they felt the confidence to go out and get the things they wanted out of their lives,” said Mrs. Cunningham-Sumter.

She continued, “It was not until I realized that it was entirely up to me to overcome my personal inhibitions that I was set free. I unleashed my inner power, and I was amazed at its sheer force and boldness. Now, I help other women become their best selves, too – and there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing my message resonate with them. Receiving feedback on how the tools I have developed have had a catalytic effect in how my fellow Bolder Sisters’ overcome any obstacle that might come their way, be it in their relationships or careers, is the definitive measure of my success.”

With the mantra “shy has its limitations, but being BOLD is a choice”, Hello BOLD! The Confidence Guide for Conquering Shyness and Overcoming Fear is the definitive guide to self-awareness and self-love. Sharing the wisdom she has gained during the years she has worked as a transformative life and relationship coach, author, career trainer and blogger, Mrs. Cunningham-Sumter lays out a clear plan that any  woman can follow to reach her goals and make her dreams become a reality.

Hello BOLD! The Confidence Guide for Conquering Shyness and Overcoming Fear is available in Kindle and paperback formats on amazon.com

To learn more about The Bolder Sister, please visit: https://theboldersister.com/

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