Innovative Product Litterbin Hits The Staggering Litter Issue Bang On Point

A green conscientious inventor has come up with breakthrough trash can ‘Litterbin’ that will prevent accidental scatter of trash on roadways and waterways.

Vero Beach, FL – May 10, 2017 – Accidental litter blown from trucks and boats not only spoils the environment but is also life-threatening for living beings around. But not anymore – Comes in the game-changing LitterBin!

Backed by a revolutionary design and unique lid, this portable trash can aims to prevent litter on roadways and waterways by making people take responsibility of their own trash. The way to a cleaner healthier world just got wee easier.

LitterBin is a 6.5 gallon plastic bin with swivel plastic handle. The lid fits snugly on 3.5-6.5 gallon buckets and sports the ideal height for most of the truck beds. Its USP lies in its innovative lid which enables users to insert trash through the top so that the litter gets straight into the bin. There is no need to open the lid completely to drop the waste which makes LitterBin a cool spill free solution. Besides, as the lid sits tightly on the bin, there is no risk of waste being blown out of the can to the streets. We now have a handy windproof solution to litter.

“The litter problem has reached an alarming height today. Trash thrown or blown from the trucks or boats to the streets or water bodies are endangering for our planet and animals around. Every year, trash harms or kills a staggering proportion of marine animals, sea birds and coral reefs. In such dire situations we all need to come up with a pro-active step to save the environment by taking responsibility of our own trash. LitterBin would be your best support here,” stated Michael Rogers, the man behind the ingenious LitterBin.

It all started with Rogers hunting for a portable trash can for his own boat. Being a conscious green citizen he was aware of the life-threatening issues caused by accidental litter blown into roadways and waterways. But after an extensive search when he could not find a satisfactory result that was not too expensive, he decided to come up with his own solution – and thus LitterBin was born. 

LitterBin can be used in boats, truck beds, RV, airboats and patio.  It’s nifty, portable, lightweight and can be carried anywhere. 

“If each of us does our own bit with litter management, it would make a huge difference to the world overall. So, the next time you are having a picnic at the beach side or for any other outdoor activities, be a part of the solution and don’t forget to carry LitterBin for a safe disposal of your own trash.” 

The LitterBin lid is carefully designed to allow litter of reasonable size. It sports a solid base that sits firmly and reduces risks of sliding or tipping over. Customers can choose between a cool blue and a soothing white base. One can also order the lid separately if he already has a pail back home. The lids are available in 2 color options – blue and green.

Rogers is also on his way to create a mini LitterBin for vehicle cupholders to collect small car trash. To order this breakthrough LitterBin, visit:

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