Entrepreneur Puts an End to Heels Clickity Clack with Fix a Heel

Amy Badrian has created Fix A Heel, an affordable, do-it-yourself heel repair kit for women’s shoes
Women everywhere can rejoice. No more throwing out their favorite pair of heels or going through the day sounding like a tap dancer. Fix A Heel is the affordable solution that quickly repairs heels so women no longer face the dreaded “Clickity Clack”.

(Palm Beach, Florida) As a professional woman and power heel lover, Amy Badrian wore heels every day for healthcare job where she was in and out of hospitals, doctor’s offices and medical facilities. It didn’t matter whether she had spent hundreds of dollars on heels or bought them off a clearance rack, within a month she found the metal portion of the heel would poke through making them unstable, noisy and dangerous. The high cost of shoe repair shops made it nearly the same price to buy a new pair as it was to fix an old one.  While investing the money to get her favorite, most expensive pair of shoes fixed, she examined what the repair man had done and her idea for Fix a Heel was born. An affordable, do-it-yourself cobbler kit that could not only fix heels but also make them slip resistant.

“I knew I wasn’t alone in wearing out my heels,” says Badrian. “Any woman who is on the go all day like I was is going to rapidly go through heels, and shoe repair shops make it unaffordable to maintain them. This quick-fix kit can repair shoes from Payless to Prada and that’s what makes it so great.”

Her entrepreneurial inspiration and determination led her to an expert shoe fabricator that could take her CAD design and work with her to develop the exact product she envisioned that day at the shoe repair shop. Fix a Heel not only fixes the tips of worn through women’s stilettos, pumps and small wedges, but also protects those that are still in good working condition.

“There are other repair kits on the market,” says Badrian, “but ours is little different. For one, it’s not a ‘one size fits all’ solution. We have several versions of the kit to fix every type of heel. It’s also a protection kit that prevents wear and tear on your favorite heels. It’s a product that people can purchase to protect their more expensive pairs of shoes.”

Fix a Heel comes packaged with four different size heel tips, a reshaping file to help contour the new heel, special adhesive glue for a permanent fix and a carrying case to keep it all together.  This three-minute process is as easy as measuring your heel with the package template, shaping the heel with the file (if needed) and affixing the new heel with the permanent adhesive. 

The Fix A Heel DIY cobbler kit has been called the “Must Have Women’s Accessory” and is now available online at www.fixaheelnow.com and will soon be available in national retailers across the country.

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