Social Media Daily Goes International: Top-Notch Social Media Marketing Services Now Available in 20+ Languages

The services of Social Media Daily, a premier social media marketing service from Germany, are now available internationally. The company offers to boost media channels on any of the top networks in more than 20 languages.

Social media marketing remains one of the most efficient promotion tools for a business as the use of these networks continues to grow. Nowadays, over half the planet’s population use smartphones and the vast majority of those people use at least one social media network as well as shop online. Social Media Daily is a company dedicated to helping businesses grow their presence on social media and thus tap into the immense consumer pool they provide.

The company has started its work in Germany, where it has built up a base of loyal satisfied customers over the years. Now their services are available to businesses all over the world. As language and localization matter greatly when it comes to effective social media marketing, Social Media Daily offers their service packages in 20+ most spoken languages on the planet.

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Social Media Marketing Done Right: Which Network to Choose

Focusing on a single social media network might be a mistake as it means missing out on great opportunities elsewhere. However, spreading the business’s campaign funds too thin by trying to cover too many channels is just as bad.

This means that in order to reap maximum benefits of their social media marketing strategy, one has to choose the networks wisely. A comprehensive study of the targeted audience is a must as it’s necessary to discover the kind of media they prefer. However, there is also some general data to take into account.

  • 83% of female internet users and 75% of males have Facebook accounts.
  • 60% of all millennials are active Instagram users.
  • 81% of millennials not only use Twitter but check their accounts at least once daily.
  • 22.9% of people on the entire planet use Facebook (over 1.8 billion active users since January 2017).
  • YouTube is more popular among 18-49 years olds than cable television.

Considering these stats, it becomes obvious that even businesses with targeted audiences focused on other social media networks (Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc.) should have active channels on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube at the very least. All those channels will require a hard and continuous effort to maintain, so launching them from a strong position and with an effective marketing strategy in mind is a must.


Social Media Daily is a German social media marketing provider with many years of experience. The company offers a wide range of services to help boost any type of business channel, product, or event. 100% efficiency, discretion, and security are guaranteed.

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