Nashville Artist Lucille Femine Announces Launch of New T-Shirt Line

Inspirational Nashville artist Lucille Femine has recently announced that she is launching a set of t-shirts with quotes, and interesting and funny sayings. The shirts will feature a piece of her artwork along with a message that fits each. Femine feels these shirts will make a statement, while adding creativity and instilling thought into the world.

“A t-shirt is one way to make art visible in everyday life,” says Femine, who is passionate about the arts and what they can do for people.

Femine grew up in Brooklyn and is most known for her signature watercolors of New York City landscapes. According to her biography, some of her favorites include “McDougal Street, Greenwich Village,” “Enjoying the Fountain,” and “Manhattan, Days End.”

These paintings can be found for sale on her website at:

Lucille Femine has been an artist since she was a young child, living in a mundane world looking for an outlet to break out of the monotony. She uses her artwork to uplift, inspire and transport people to a more exciting and beautiful way of life. “It’s my dream that through the arts, anyone can lead a more fulfilling life, and I’d like to play a part in helping people to do that,” she says.    

These new t-shirts will be available on the Art By Femine website.

For more information about Lucille Femine, her artwork or the new t-shirt line, visit:

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Company Name: Art By Femine
Contact Person: Lucille Femine
Phone: (615) 440-7933
City: Nashville
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