Phairo Headwear launches Kickstarter Campaign to Replace Headscarves Worldwide

The Best Sweat Wicking Headwear Available in the Market Today is Now Seeking Community Support on Kickstarter and Everyone is Welcome to Back & Support Phairo!

Dean Winchester, veteran elementary school teacher from Australia has designed Phairo Headwear. Dean has been teaching for over two decades and he founded Phairo Pvt. Ltd, a couple of years back when he had a knee injury while cycling. The ultimate goal behind this inspiring invention was to solve the problem of sweat getting into the eyes.

“With your help, we believe Phairo can become a major player in the sports-wear industry,” said Dean Winchester, the creator of Phairo Headwear.

To solve the annoying problem of sweat entering the eyes, especially for the sportsmen, Dean started this company and he now wants to have Phairo Headwear available for everyone worldwide. Therefore, he has launched a Kickstarter campaign and seeks community support from everyone. It is not only beneficial for the sports people, but is stylish and can be worn as a great fashion accessory.

The Kickstarter campaign, located on the web at:  and it offers several pledges for AUD $19. The reward for each $19 pledge is a Phairo Headwear itself in a variety of colors chosen by the backer. The company is currently welcoming everyone to back this amazing accessory and make it available for everyone.

About Phairo

Phairo Private Limited is a company created by an Australian teacher, Dean Winchester. Phairo Headwear was created to prevent sweat from head that drops into eyes. It is a great headwear and is the perfect alternative for headscarves. The company is currently seeking public support for this project on Kickstarter and is welcoming everyone to back it.

Media Contact
Company Name: Phairo Pty Ltd
Contact Person: Dean Winchester
Phone: 61403799836
City: Salisbury
State: Queensland
Country: Australia