David’s Condiments Is Developing New Products for a Future Launch

TORONTO, CANADA – 11 May, 2017 – David’s Condiments continues to add to its exclusive line of heart-healthy products with the development of sunflower oil, canola oil, soya oil and chocolate toppers. This new line will follow the same values that the company has adopted from its humble beginnings and will be launched in the near future. The oils and toppers will be made with natural ingredients and will appeal to health-conscious consumers that enjoy wholesome foods but don’t want to compromise on taste and quality.

These condiments are being added due to consumer demand for quality ingredients and will be available for purchase online and in several retail locations. David’s Condiments has defined its brand with a commitment to offering only heart-friendly foods that empower chefs to create low-sodium dishes.

The new product additions will complement the newly-added David’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil while re-defining the landscape of the existing product base. What started out with rubs, seasonings and marinades is now expanding in order to bring consumers what they need and want most.

According to the CEO of David’s Condiments, Ray Martin, “Our company is proud to be serving up a new range of innovative ingredients that preserve their culinary integrity. The development stage recognizes the public outcry for simple ingredients with complex flavours that resonate on the palate.”

Mr. Martin goes on to add “Never has the market trend been this strong for all-natural products without added sodium and preservatives. The focus for foodies and chefs has shifted to healthy food choices that are flavorful and respect the original food source. When the integrity of food and its ingredients is left intact, harmful additives don’t need to be added to make it taste great.”

About David’s Condiments

Mr. Ray Martin acquired this company in 2016 with the goal of breathing new life into it through new product development. The already popular line of rubs, marinades and gourmet pastes provided the groundwork needed to bring this company to the next level. The condiments are distributed to North American outlets by Qualifirst Foods Ltd., a leading Canadian supplier of gourmet foods.

To learn more about the sodium-free line of products and the new oils and chocolate toppers that are currently in development, please call 1-800-206-1177 or visit the company website at davidscondiments.com

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Company Name: David’s Condiments
Contact Person: Ray Martin
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Country: Canada
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