SleepScore Labs Announces Appointment of Leading Global Expert in Sleep Medicine to Board of Advisors

Dr. Steven Lockley of Brigham and Women’s Hospital Joins SleepScore Labs to Improve America’s Overall Sleep

SAN DIEGO, CA – 11 May, 2017 – SleepScore Labs, the world’s leading sleep monitoring and solutions company, today announced the appointment of Steven W. Lockley, PhD., Neuroscientist in the Division of Sleep and Circadian Disorders at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, to their Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. Lockley, who comes with 20 years of experience in circadian rhythm and sleep research, will join SleepScore Labs in their mission to measure and improve America’s quality of sleep.

Dr. Lockley has been engaged to provide scientific guidance related to SleepScore Labs’ complete collection of consumer sleep data, the most comprehensive data set of its kind, collected with superior medical accuracy using SleepScore by ResMed technology. In addition, Dr. Lockley will offer insights on how to utilize the technology for the development of consumer sleep products and evaluation of existing ones. SleepScore Labs seeks to ensure the best results and personalized feedback for users with clinical grade technology that is available for licensing in non-prescription sleep devices.

“The addition of Dr. Lockley to the Scientific Advisory Board is demonstrative of SleepScore Labs’ commitment to delivering the most accurate technology to users,” said Colin Lawlor, CEO, SleepScore Labs. “When it comes to the science of sleep, it’s necessary to have the leading global experts in the discussion.”

Dr. Lockley has studied the influence of sleeping disorders on performance in the workplace and implemented interventions to improve safety at work. He has extensive experience in measuring sleep, alertness and circadian rhythms in real-world settings including in doctors, police officers, blind patients, and students among others, including advising NASA on managing jetlag and shiftwork disorders in astronauts and mission controllers.

“Sleep’s enormous impact on overall health is not only poorly understood by the average person, but many people don’t really know how well or how badly they sleep. In order to improve sleep for everyone, not just those seeking clinical help, we need better ways to measure sleep in the real world and better access to possible sleep solutions. SleepScore Labs is spearheading the mission to educate and help people with their sleep and I am excited to be working with them,” said Dr. Steven Lockley.

Dr. Lockley also serves as Director of the Circadian Physiology Program at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts where he studies the effects of light on circadian rhythms and alertness, as well as works to identify biomarkers of sleepiness in a NASA-sponsored study.  He has published over 100 research articles, reviews, and chapters and he is the co-author of Sleep: A Very Short Introduction from Oxford University Press.  

SleepScore Labs is committed to raising awareness of sleep and improving the health of millions with the most accurate sleep data available.

About SleepScore Labs

SleepScore Labs is a new company formed with Dr. Mehmet Oz, ResMed (NYSE: RMD) and Pegasus Capital Advisors to measure, monitor and ultimately help solve the world’s sleep problems. Today, over 60% of adults in America, and in the world, have problems with poor sleep due to conditions like snoring, sleep apnea, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, pain, and discomfort. SleepScore Labs was created to address these issues through data collected by ResMed’s S+ product, the world’s first non-contact, personalized sleep solution to measure an individual’s sleep quality and deliver personalized feedback that helps improve sleep from the very first night. As part of the new venture, SleepScore by ResMed technology will be available for licensing in new sleep products and will be used by product manufacturers to develop better sleep solutions for consumers. The technology has already been used in product research and development by several global leaders including Lighting Science Group.

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