Worldwide Phenomenon The People Walker: Circa Video Feature Wins Webby Award & People’s Voice Award


“When I heard about The People Walker, I knew the story would be fun to tell and a bit quirky. But it wasn’t until I met Chuck, this big, hairy, sweet guy, that I realized he was also a bit of a superhero.” – Stephanie Abrams, Circa

“Can technology cure the loneliness epidemic that it spurred? Accidental entrepreneur Chuck McCarthy [aka The People Walker] may have stumbled upon the answer.” –

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Los Angeles-based entrepreneur Chuck McCarthy, founder of The People Walker™, is now the subject of award-winning video “The People Walker,” from Circa. The video, reported and produced by Stephanie Abrams and edited by Taylor Holland, had already received over 30 million views before winning both The Webby and People’s Voice Awards in The Webby Awards “Weird” category, making this a triple win for Circa’s assigning editor Dan Milano, managing editor Rob Dixter, and chief operating officer John Solomon.

“This award win is almost like icing on the ‘cakewalk’ for The People Walker. Sorry about the terrible play on words or pun or whatever that was,” says founder Chuck McCarthy, who has been the subject of constant media attention since the Circa video hit in September 2016. McCarthy has been profiled by a vastly diverse array of media outlets such as The Guardian, Reader’s Digest and People. He has appeared on nationally and internationally syndicated news programs such as Michaela, Galileo, The Doctors, Today Australia and Al Arabiya Today. “When I started The People Walker, advertising with fliers on telephone poles was all I could afford,” McCarthy says. “After the Circa video, the kind of media attention this has gotten is beyond my wildest dreams. It’s like walking on sunshine. Wow.”

Launched in early 2016, The People Walker is a motivational exercise companion service, which offers both conversation and companionship along with exercise in the form of walking. Confidential one-on-one conversation coupled with low impact cardio are the major features of the service. “I’m not a therapist or a personal trainer, but talking about problems and knowing someone is listening, and good old fashioned exercise are two things that always make me feel better, so I’m just trying to facilitate that for others,” McCarthy says. “And I enjoy doing it. It might not always be a walk in the park, but it’s always a walk somewhere.”

The People Walker is now moving toward expansion as a mobile phone app. McCarthy has partnered with entrepreneur and Los Angeles native Aryan Sarbaz to expand the service and connect people. “Ever since I saw the kind of positive feedback the Circa video generated, I’ve been working on building an app, but it’s a long journey, and you have to take it one step at a time,” McCarthy says. “Luckily, I met Ary, and now I have a walking partner on the path to success.”

Having just launched a new website,, with streamlined booking coming soon, momentum is building and a mobile app will be Beta testing soon. “We are picking up speed, and are getting closer and closer to getting an app on the market, but a new business is like a wet pool deck—dangerous. You can’t run. You have to walk,” McCarthy says. “But we’re walking pretty fast now, like that kid who’s really testing the lifeguard by walking as fast as humanly possible.”

The People Walker, Chuck McCarthy will be attending the 21st annual Webby Awards on May 15, 2017 in NY, NY. 

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