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20 startups have been chosen by global telcos for Innovation Showcase Class of 2017

SUNNYVALE, CA – 11 May, 2017 – Telecom Council is proud to announce this year’s Innovation Showcase Class of 2017.  
In support of Telecom Council’s ongoing mission of discovering and promoting innovative communications companies, our annual Innovation Showcase matches high-potential, early-stage communications startups with strategic fitting telcos, vendors, investors and potential partners. 

Telecom Council members reviewed applications across dozens of technologies and 15 countries to select the Class of 2017.  Only the top 20 companies who exceeded the judging member’s expectations of innovation, momentum, viability, and management were selected. 

Telecom Council Innovation Showcase Class of 2017:

All Star Networks: http://allstarnetworks.com/

Anuta Network: http://www.anutanetworks.com/

Cirrent: https://www.cirrent.com/

Cloud Worldwide Services: http://www.cloudworldwideservices.com/

Collision Communications: http://www.collisioncomms.com/

DataHoliks: http://www.dataholiks.com/

Datazoom Inc: http://www.datazoom.io/?lpp_landing_page=coming-soon

Entrevi Solutions: https://entrevi.com/

Kodacloud: https://kodacloud.com/

Mark/Space Inc.: https://www.markspace.com/

LocaleIQ: http://www.localeiq.com/

Prenav: http://www.prenav.com/

PureLiFi: http://purelifi.com/

Scriptr.io: https://www.scriptr.io/

Simulty: https://www.simulity.com/

SiteSee: http://www.sitesee.com.au/

Skyroam: https://www.skyroam.com/

SnappyData Inc: https://www.snappydata.io/

Teragence: https://www.teragence.com/

Ubiro: http://www.rowem.com/index.do

Congratulations to the Innovation Showcase Class of 2017! More details on each member of the Class of 2017 is available on our website.  

The Innovation Showcase Class of 2017 will be featured at Telecom Council Carrier Connections Summit (TC3), an exclusive 2day summit for innovation executives from global telcos, communication vendors, investors and startups. The 10th Annual TC3 Summit, held November 1st and 2nd, brings 60 global carriers to Silicon Valley to find innovation, meet startups, and share their technology roadmaps with the wider innovation ecosystem.

To register or learn more about TC3 Summit, click here

About the Telecom Council:

Telecom Council is Where Telecom Meets Innovation. Through regular forum meetings and annual events, we connect global communication service providers and vendors with innovations that are pushing the industry forward – by putting telcos, vendors and investors from across the globe together in the same room with startups, demos, and entrepreneurs. Since 2001, our Forums have introduced over 2000 executives from 750 communication companies including 60 carriers across 30 meetings each year.

Our Forums, members, calendar, speaker application and membership benefits are online at: www.telecomcouncil.com

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Liz Kerton at 408-834-7933 or email at Liz@telecomcouncil.com

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