C.T.S Technology Co., Limited presents its exclusive range of Drone Jammers for responding to unmanned aircraft systems threat

C.T.S Technology Co., Limited founded in the year 2001, exclusively focuses on the innovation and production of digital security equipment, RF jammer, bomb jammer, drone jammer, and other radio frequency jamming systems.

UAVs or unmanned aerial vehicles popularly known as drones equipped with sophisticated, state-of-the-art cameras are being increasingly misused. Instead of being used for surveying damages, tracking down injured and stranded victims, locating lost children, helping in infrastructure management/maintenance, benefiting agriculture, and helping media screen inaccessible areas, drones are now used more for espionage.

Drones are now being abused for bombing civilian areas, spying on individuals, smuggling contraband drugs, and so on and so forth. C.T.S Technology Co., Limited has since 2001 has been manufacturing a variety of jamming systems including drone jammer gun, convoy safeguarding jammer, mobile phone jammer, prison jamming mechanisms, RF jammers, and handheld jammers.

C.T.S Technology Co., Limited presents its exclusive range of Drone Jammers for responding to  unmanned aircraft systems threat

The various jamming devices innovated and developed by C.T.S Technology Co., Limited find widespread applications in penitentiaries, prisons, embassies, parliaments, army checkpoints, municipal offices, airports, military facilities, and so on. The drone jammer gun is pressed into service during transportation of army troops, movement of VIP convoys or shifting of civilians from a warzone to a secure place. This 3-in-1 gun for jamming a drone is compatible for using on 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz radio frequencies and also suitable for connecting with a GPS app. Hooking up with Yagi antenna makes the jammer gun catch both aforementioned RFs while installing a log antenna helps it catch 5.8GHz radio frequency signals. Each bandwidth can be easily powered on and off and the robust built-in polymer lithium battery keeps the gun active for 2hrs at a stretch.

C.T.S Technology Co., Limited has a highly skilled and experienced R&D team that is committed to coming up with new jamming systems which are more versatile. The researchers and technologists employed in the concern earned their academic certifications from HarbinEngineeringUniversity and TsinghuaUniversity and have gained professional experience by working in renowned conglomerates including Huawei and ZTE. The company has several product demonstration centers where middlemen and resellers do their best to convince the government or corporate clients to place orders for drone jammers. The latest drone jamming system that has caught the attention of governments around the world is the ‘full bands digital drone jammer no. CTSJD55’ having a maximum range of 5kms.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/AUO8r6tydMQ

This drone jamming equipment sweeps the entire radio control (RC) and video communication bandwidths and are relatively lightweight. Other noteworthy features includes ‘low battery indicator’ function, ‘standing wave alarm’ functionality, and ‘band switching’ capability. C.T.S Technology Co., Limited also specializes in fabricating anti-drone rifle both standardized model and customer-specific ones. This drone jamming rifle exploits RC frequency jamming technology to deactivate drones before they prove to be disruptive for civilian or military safety. This RF frequency jammer rifle can strike UAVs or drones having a conical diameter of 30˚ and hovering at a height of 400 meters.

About C.T.S Technology Co., Limited

C.T.S Technology Co., Limited based in Shenzhen, China has been concentrating on researching on and developing a range of electronic/digital security devices including drone and bomb jammers. For more details about their products, please visit their website. 

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