New Book by Techno Blogger Heidi Hecht Reveals Visionary Insights on Bitcoin in Space

A techno blogger and crypto currency enthusiast Heidi Hecht recently published a new book that gives visionary insights on why and how cryptocurencies like Bitcoin will dominate the interplanetary trade in the Space Age.

May 11, 2017 – Aerospace gurus have already started predicting of a possible space colonization and interplanetary trade in the next or next to next century. In the light of such an “other-worldly” future, a new book by technoblogger Heidi Hecht has sparked an era-defining discussion on the economy in the Space Age.

Aptly entitled as “Blockchain Space: How and Why Cryptocurrencies Fit Into the Space Age”, the book is all about how cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and the technology behind them (the Blockchain) seem specifically designed for the Space Age.  The book is available to purchase on Amazon in a Kindle version and on Google Play Store.

“I am excited to announce the launch of my new book Blockchain Space: How and Why Cryptocurrencies Fit Into the Space Age. I am confident about the strong possibilities of interplanetary trade in future and I believe the medium of exchange will be something different from we have in our traditional economy. Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin have been developed and used in a parallel horizon in our existing economy and my constant research on this modern alternative claims that Blockchain is most likely to score over conventional economy as the medium for interplanetary trade. My new book puts forward a visionary insight on how the cryptocurrencies will be suitable for the coming Space Age so that we can have a hang on the economy of our future. The book also presents a discussion on how the technology behind cryptocurrencies, such as Blockchain, could be improved so that they’re ready for an economic future that includes space travel”, stated Heidi while announcing the launch of her futuristic book.

A veteran technoblogger for years and cryptocurency enthusiast, Heidi is a professional fintech content writer for the Blockchain niche. Added to cryptocurrencies- space, planets and solar system are her other major areas of interest. It’s her passion for both Bitcoin and aerospace that inspired her to pen up the visionary book which is all set to raise a new series of discussions in the economy and space scene soon. She has her own tech blog where she discusses at length about Altcoins and how Bitcoins hold the future for interplanetary trade economy. Her other blog, A Blog About Nothing in Particular is bustling with exciting and insightful posts on astronomy, space, computer & technology, mars, cryptocurrency and even jewelries or entertainment. The latest post from the blog is a high profile interview with Mars Society President Robert Zubrin.

“It will take l-o-n-g from now to incorporate Bitcoin into interplanetary trade but it’s something actually doable. If the developers & Blockchain experts are ready to put serious efforts, cryptocurrency could be transcended to not just the Moon but also to the whole of solar system – and maybe beyond,” added Heidi further.

To grab your copy of the book now, sign in for the Kindle version through Amazon or contact the author below.

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