Tommy\’s Exodus: A Contemporary Novel by Robert Hobkirk Seeking Support on Kickstarter

Seeking Public Support to Raise Funds for the Promotion of this Remarkable Contemporary Novel from an American Writer, Robert Hobkirk

Robert Hobkirk, an American author from Northern California has written a 90,000 word contemporary novel titled Tommy’s Exodus. This is going to be the first book in his upcoming Tommy Trilogy. As a result of his persistent hard work, the author self-published it on Createspace and distributed it through Amazon. However, he now seeks public support for its advertising and promotion. Therefore, he has requested everyone to back him on Kickstarter and help him in his cause.

“I wrote the book, not only to entertain, but also to help alcoholics overcome their addiction.” Said Robert Hobkirk while talking about the novel. It is already available on Amazon as a paperback and kindle edition but writing and publishing it is only half the battle. His major challenge is advertising it and for that, he only required $500 which is certainly not too much.

“I found this story highly original,” said Mary Ann in her review after reading the novel. “There is a fascinating combination of dark comedy combined with a more serious theme, the protagonist’s odyssey through misfortune. The book is sometimes bathetic, sometimes tragic and sometimes takes you towards spiritual enlightenment,” she added.

The Kickstarter campaign is located on the web at: and the total goal is to raise only $500 for advertising.

About Tommy’s Exodus

Tommy’s Exodus is a 90,000 word novel self-published by Robert Hobkirk, an American writer from California. This is the first novel in his Tommy Trilogy series and he is seeking public support on Kickstarter to raise $500 for its advertising.

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