Deepak Rajput\’s book \’The Crimson Dune\’ unravels the mystery behind an ancient coin

“Unravel the mystery behind the ancient coin while treading a school boy’s journey full of fun and adventure”
Narora is a small town in the district Bulandshahr (Uttar Pradesh), the mystery of the book as described in book is all about writers thinking (fiction). The book is educational in many aspects, so the reader is not only drawn into the story, but learns how young student in their whim of finding happiness ignore studies and land up in trouble.

The Crimson Dune by Deepak Rajput is the story of a young boy, the hero who manages to salvage his career after series of doomsday and is written in a humorous way. The boy faces many hurdles and moments of glory in his life and unravels the mystery surrounding him along with his bunch of friends.

The book is published by White Falcon Publishing.

The story revolves around the mystic and jovial happenings of the places explored by him and his friends for life. The hero of this story survives all odds and come out as a real hero in front of his parents.

The early years of his life were confined to the premises of the Nuclear Power Plant located at a small town Narora in the district Bulandshahr. To change the flow of his monotonous life, he decides to take his life on a stride and explore the world beyond the premises of the Nuclear Power Plant.

He initially found a lot of adventure in this act but slowly got engulfed in a series of mysteries and mishaps one after the other. These obstacles couldn’t deter him from exploring more and he got more determined to find and unravel the mysteries he encountered in his path of adventure.

Come and live an adventurous life like the hero of this story and unravel the mysteries with him.

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