Increased variety of shower doors offer more choices for JT Spas customers

Whilst shower cubicles may be a dime a dozen, it’s still of prime importance for customers to choose the most ideal one for their needs. And with the range of shower door types available at JT Spas, customers have the additional convenience of saved space.

JT Spas, as an established supplier of shower cubicles and enclosures as well as baths, toilets and basins, and even complete bathroom suites, knows and understands the importance of a wise choice, especially when it comes to small bathrooms.

Nowadays, more customers and home-owners are opting for shower enclosures which are already pre-made and pre-fabricated, as this saves on installation time and are often easier to maintain as well. The convenience of pre-built shower cubicles cannot be denied. Customers who choose modular shower cubicles also have an array of choices in regards to certain special features, such as lighting, massage jets, Bluetooth capability, and so on. Those who opt for modular steam shower units have the added advantage of benefitting from special steam shower capability, where the shower releases steam as the user takes a shower.

But there’s one other detail when it comes to shower enclosures which customers should also take note of – the shower door. Shower doors should also be chosen with care, especially if one is working with a smaller-sized bathroom, as JT Spas explains. The choice of shower door can make a big difference in the user’s comfort and the shower’s accessibility, so it has to be chosen with some factors in mind.

Fortunately, at JT Spas, the choice in shower doors that comes with the range of shower cubicles and enclosures is extensive. JT Spas sources its shower enclosures from different respected manufacturers, such as Opus, Alto, Aquaplus, Kinedo, Lisna Waters, Sydney, and more. The good news is that these shower enclosures are available with different types of shower doors, from the standard pivot door which opens outwards to sliding doors and more. Needless to say, sliding doors are quite popular today due to the fact that they allow users to save space in their bathrooms. There are also saloon door shower cubicles available at JT Spas, specifically from manufacturers like Kinedo, which has produced a water-tight shower cubicle with saloon doors in the compact size of 700mm x 700mm (ideal for really small bathrooms).

The shower cubicles and enclosures from JT Spas also come in an array of shapes, from square to quadrant to rectangular and more.

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