Shower Cubicles with hydro-massage features more popular than ever, confirms JT Spas

Today, shower cubicles and enclosures come in all shapes and sizes. But along with this comes varied stellar features as well – including hydro-massage jets for that completely relaxing and rejuvenating shower experience in the comfort of one’s own home.

JT Spas, being a supplier of bathroom products for a good number of years, already has a good idea of what its customers are looking for. The company keeps itself updated with the latest trends in bathroom products, supplies, and even design, so it can present its customers, both old and new, with a better array of choices and options when they are outfitting their bathrooms.

One of the most popular trends today, as JT Spas confirms, is hydro-massage shower cubicles and units. In fact, the trend is so popular that it may already have become a standard, and it looks like it’s here to stay. Gone are the days when customers were merely looking for a basic shower cubicle or enclosure – today, customers’ preferences have changed, and more customers are looking for a shower unit that can transform the way they take a shower.

Enter the popularity of the hydro-massage shower enclosure. These shower enclosures are not only pre-made and pre-built, meaning they are a lot easier to install than standard shower units since they already come with paneling, shower trays, shower heads, and more – they also come with specially-designed massage jets which give the additional feel of a massage when one takes a shower.

These shower cubicles are made in such a way that they already come with additional hydro-massage jets, which can shoot an intense spray of water straight to the body, specifically the area of the back. Those who have to deal with chronic back pain or muscle soreness can benefit from this hydro-massage jet feature, as they feel like they are getting a massage at the same time.

The concept works similar to a whirlpool bath, but instead of lying down in a bath filled with water, the user is in a shower cubicle.
One such hydro-massage product is the Aquaplus Hydro-Massage Shower Cubicle, measuring 800mm by 800mm. The unit comes complete with a shower tray as well as a drainage kit, along with a monsoon shower, an adjustable hand shower, and a total of six back body jets. It also comes with double sliding doors (allowing users to save additional space), and it does not require any electricity.

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