More varied square shower units and enclosures now available at JT Spas

Shower cubicles today are no longer the standard, basic shower units customers have been used to for decades. Today, shower enclosures and cubicles are more advanced and loaded with an array of features. But a popular item which is now offered in more choices at JT Spas is the square shower enclosure.

JT Spas has plenty of products to offer its existing and prospective customers. The company has been specialising in bathroom products and supplies for years, and this includes shower cubicles and enclosures, toilets and basins, taps, bathroom furniture, and bathroom accessories such as grab bar rails, and mirrors, amongst others. The bathroom products available at JT Spas are sourced from some of the most popular and respected manufacturers around, and this includes Merlyn, Hudson Reed, Aquaplus, Jupiter Showering, Aqualux, Insignia, and more.

But whilst shower enclosures and cubicles remain some of the most in-demand items at JT Spas, there are now more choices for customers who are looking for differently-shaped shower cubicles – more specifically, the square-shaped shower enclosure.

There are many benefits to installing a square enclosure as opposed to a rectangular or quadrant-shaped enclosure. For one, a square-shaped enclosure is often smaller and more compact than other enclosures, so it is easier to fit the enclosure into a limited, smaller space. But the comfort and accessibility provided by square-shaped shower cubicles and enclosures still goes beyond customers’ expectations. Just because one opts for a square enclosure doesn’t mean that they will have a difficult time moving around in the shower – on the contrary. These square shower enclosures are built with the user’s utmost comfort in mind, and that’s one main reason why they are a popular choice.

One such example of a square shower enclosure which is already pre-built is the Kinedo Kineprime Shower Cubicle, which not only comes in a compact and sturdy square shape, but which offers additional features and characteristics as well. For instance, the Kinedo square-shaped shower cubicle also features a water-tight pivoting door, which guarantees a leak-free shower experience along with easy access.

JT Spas goes into more detail: “A Kinedo self-contained shower not only looks stylish, it has been designed from the ground up to provide a lifetime of safe, hygienic, and leak-free showering. This is achieved through clever assembly techniques and high quality materials. Built by craftsmen in France, each shower comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee.”

The Kinedo Kineprime square shower enclosure is sleek and compact, with white framing and opaque glass.

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