Purseat launches Kickstarter Campaign to introduce a 4-in-1 Solution for Traveling Families Worldwide

A Foldable Car Seat, A Traveling Bed, A Booster Seat & A Purse: An Amazing All in One Solution for Everyone has Arrived!

Purseat has been announced as a perfect solution to make many lives easier worldwide. It is a purse, a seat and a bed at the same time to help families with children in an amazing way. The company is now seeking public support on Kickstarter and is welcoming everyone to back the crowdfunding campaign.

“Purseat is a convenient safety for children, anywhere and anytime.” Said one of the designers of this amazing patented solution. “For parents looking to eliminate the hassle of lugging around heavy car seats, Purseat is an innovative car seat that is easy to travel with, complies with all safety regulations and folds to the size of a purse or handbag.” He added.

Purseat is basically a child car seat that can also be used as a traveling bed and a booster seat. In addition, it can also be used as a purse to store and can hold tablets, laptops, toys, snacks or other fragile items in the hard case purse position.    

Following are the major features of Purseat:

  • Install & remove within seconds anywhere, anytime

  • Quick & easy deployment on planes, in (rental) cars or taxis

  • Occupies the space of a purse / handbag when stored

  • Can be used as a traveling bed or safety seat on airplane

  • No need to spend extra money on a rented car seat

  • No concerns about hygiene, unfamiliar installation, or damaging rented car seat

  • Convenient protection for children on road trips

The Kickstarter campaign is located on the web at:

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/16098092/a-revolutionary-4-in-1-car-seat-purseat and it offers pledges from €10 to €1,696 with rewards ranging from a Purseat e-book to 8 units of Purseat. The company is welcoming generous contributions to make this amazing invention available for everyone.

About Purseat

Purseat is an amazing solution for families and travelers especially with children. It is a purse, a seat and a bed with amazing 4 in 1 features. The designers are now seeking support on Kickstarter and are welcoming everyone to back this amazing project of the future.

Media Contact
Company Name: Purseat BV
Contact Person: David
Email: david@purseat.com
Phone: +31 62159 4129
City: Weesp
Country: Netherlands
Website: www.purseat.com