uZoom acquires Creator Republic to Accelerate live Video Broadcast Platform

Live Video Streaming App adds 1.8 million users to its live broadcast community

SEATTLE, WA – 12 May, 2017 – uZoom, a 1:1 video streaming app for gig economy broadcasters, announced today it has acquired the assets of Creator Republic, a video sharing platform.  Founded in 2010, Creator Republic connected thousands of video creators with niche fans and audiences.

“Creator Republic invested significant time, capital and technology to deliver a platform that serves almost 2 million users,” said John Kueber, CEO, uZoom “We look forward to offering the uZoom platform to better allow the Creator Republic community to accelerate their ability to generate revenue.”

uZoom allows any broadcaster to create a profile and set a rate of from tip only to $5.00 per minute of live video.  Viewers, using uZoom’s proprietary, patented technology app, then request video and receive experiences, advice and influencer insight live through the app. Payment is automatically processed from viewer and broadcasters via paypal.

“The uZoom platform offers the best possible evolution for the Creator Republic Nation,” said Gary Schmidt, CEO, Creator Republic “We’re excited to join the uZoom platform and look forward to our passionate community of video creators embracing live video.  Most significantly, we’re please to deliver a way for our community to generate revenue for their creative talents.  We believe the uZoom platform will allow our Creators to have a competitive advantage over other video networks.”

Anyone can join uZoom. To become part of the global community  and start viewing and sharing their videos, download the app here.

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uZoom is a live, one-to-one streaming marketplace that allows users to see live views of a remote location through other uZoom users around the world. Broadcasters in the community earn on a tip only or per-minute to live stream with another user. The uZoom experience is like hiring a personal guide to show you around through a one-to-one interaction that you can control through the app. With simple on-screen gestures and translation capabilities for over 80 languages, uZoom lets users go places, see new things, and connect with people around the world. Thousands of people use uZoom for shopping, researching neighborhoods that surround home listings, interacting 1:1 with youtube personalities, or shopping for unique products. uZoom is more than live video; it’s a living example of imagination and possibility powered by cooperative technology. uZoom is available for iOS and Android.

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