Infinite T3ch Now Offering New Open Source Backup Software

New software, Lback, is a simple, user-friendly software program that allows users to back-up and restore data volumes across data centers.

EDMONTON, AB – 12 May, 2017 – Infinite T3ch is an SaaS development firm that provides SME enterprise support, development, testing, management, and versioning. They are now introducing their newest software called Lback, an open source library based on data storage across different servers, which is expected to release May 20, 2017. This software is designed specifically with small and medium-sized enterprises in mind, allowing users to perform both local and remote backups.

This software is geared towards developers, IT analysts, and product managers and only provides extended, paid support to enterprises. However, Infinite T3ch will also be releasing a community edition of Lback which will soon be available to the public. This edition of the software is crafted simply for the user’s ultimate convenience.

Lback is designed to help users meet their distributed data center goals. The open source library collects, distributes, and monitors data across separate servers. This Llback software is unique because of its incredibly user-friendly software. Because of the sheer simplicity of its set of commands, people with little to no technical experience can learn, quickly and easily, how to operate this software just due to the sheer simplicity of its set of commands.

“The best thing about Lback is that it’s simple… Our design is by far (in our opinion) the most normal way to do backups, and restores. The learning curve may not be as steep as other software, allowing our users to be more productive in other areas instead of wasting their time trying to figure out a technically difficult software system. We’ve worked with real-world SMEs and produced this product entirely with their requirements in mind.” — Nadir Hamid, Software Developer at Infinite T3ch

Infinite T3ch is closely integrated with Amazon Web Services, the Google Cloud Platform, and Digital Ocean. 1 to 3 paragraphs after the quote, depending on size of press release. Infinite T3ch is also working to provide an alternative to an open source OS called “FreeNAS,” which is similar to Lback in that it is an operating system, but it can be installed on any hardware platform to share data over a network.

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