Save Matvei Zabavsky from Grodno, Belarus

My mission is to help save life of Matvei Zabavsky, a 7-year-old boy from my home city Grodno, Belarus who is the only child of my friends Diana and Aleksei Zabavsky. I studied with Diana at Yanka Kupala State University, 2000-2005, department of linguistic and education.

Her son Matvei just began his first year in elementary school and he is my nephew’s classmate. In December 2016 he was diagnosed with a rare, serious blood disorder desease – Acquired Aplastic Anemia, severe stage (

At this moment Matvei is going through treatment in the State “Children’s oncology, hematology and immunology center”, branch #3 in the village Borovliany, Minsk district, Belarus. The treatment that he is receiving currently doesn’t give any positive results and his condition will continue to get worse if he doesn’t receive a proper medical attention. The conclusion of doctors is – urgent bone marrow transplantation. And this unfortunately can not be performed in Belarus (

His parents contacted Ichilov Hospital (Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center) and Dr. Dror Levin (leading expert in the treatment of children’s blood disorders, as well as in the treatment of bone cancer) who agreed to help treat Matvei. However, the medical costs are expected to be approximately $500,000 and this is extremely unaffordable price for typical Belorussian family.

Diana and Aleksei are selling all their assets and apartment, also friends and family members are putting all their efforts to raise funds to help the treatment costs. But this is not nearly enough and the time is very critical. In addition to the campaign in Belarus to raise funds for Matvei, Zabavsky Family undertook a mission to raise funds outside the country. Any amount counts and would help them to treat Matvei in this crucial situation and potentially give him a chance to live!

Your help and consideration is greatly appreciated!

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